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The Left’s Big Lie That the Racist Dixiecrats Switched Sides

The Left’s Big Lie That the Racist Dixiecrats Switched Sides

One of the largest lies going around today is that in the 1950’s and 60’s, the DNC who was the party that brought on the civil war, the KKK after the war, put in place the Jim Crow laws in the South magically switched sides in the 1960’s and all joined the Republicans. The problem with this has been for years, while they are sure strong in this claim when you ask for proof, you get called racist, spoke down to, they will bring up the name of one Senator, say, “See, look at Senator Strom Thurmond switched sides in 1964, so did Governor Mills Godwin Jr did in 1974, I told you the GOP took in all the racist!”

The problem with this whole narrative is you are claiming a group, the Dixiecrats, who were made up of thousands of US senators, congressmen, state governors, along with representatives in state houses, you can only find three that ever switched sides, and the claim it was due to racist views is a lie. Senator Thurmond switched due to conflict with Senator Byrd, you know, the Democrat that was the last sitting member of the DNC that was also when younger a member of the KKK, in fact, was a leader in that organization? Further, if he held no racist views, and remember, it was Hillary and Obama who spoke such glowing things about him when he passed, said this during an interview later in his life:

The fact that he would use the “N” word on anyone shows that he still held the view that many blacks were the same, the difference was now that in his view some whites were just like them, this was the view of the esteemed senator that Clinton said she learned all about politics, guess with her racism now we see it.

But let’s go back to the subject, did the parties switch sides. In the 1960’s when President Kennedy was trying to get civil rights bills to go through, it was not the GOP that was fighting him, although to keep this honest, there were some within the party that did, it was the Southern Democrats that did. In the votes for the Civil Rights Act, you see by the votes that it was the GOP, not the DNC that got this bill to pass; this is as if by magic gone from the left’s historical references, they ignore this because it is inconvenient to their narrative.

While the DNC may have pulled more votes, the reason was they controlled more seats at the time. In 1964 the Democrats controlled 253 seats to the Republicans who controlled 178 seats. Of these, you had the DNC vote with 153 for and 91 against, the GOP voted with 136 for and 35 against. If you look at the ratio’s, the DNC only had 60% vote in favor of, the GOP voted with 74.6% in favor of.  This means that 35% of the party voted against the bill, the GOP voted with 19.% against. For some odd reason you seek this out, the left does not wish to discuss this.

So when did the sides switch, has there ever been a move by the GOP to try to undo the civil rights act? Of course, there hasn’t; but does not prevent the Left from spreading the lies that they are. There have been moves to undo some of the hiring quota’s, and they were great when they went into effect, for there were many racist policies that prevented blacks of equal or better experience and education from getting jobs, today this is not the case, to continue this is not aiding inequality, it is now giving undo favoritism.

Beyond this, it is a shame that you have disparaged the Republican party. Are you surprised the party of the KKK wanted to flip the narrative? Look before and after the switch: there has never been a jim crow law passed except by a democrat congress signed by a Democrat governor. And these laws, why is it that the DNC is afraid to admit the truth, that they were all repealed by Republicans. Almost all extensions of human rights from racial discrimination to women’s suffrage have been passed by Republicans and fought by the DNC.

It must be very convenient that people simply listen but do not look up the publicly available data listing all Dixiecrats, the leaders, and their ballots. Beyond this, Dixiecrats was heavily rejected by the Republican base, merely having two folks switch is as meaningless as ColinPowell and Jeff Flake changing sides, one already has, the other is a useless idiot.

But today, and that is what is important, although history can show how we arrived here, who started the racism that you see today with the “White Privilege” narrative? That would be the left. These are the same people that fill up the radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa who support BDS and terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. We see groups saying they want events, but no whites are allowed, you don’t see this in the GOP other than some fringe groups, ones that are rejected by the rest of the GOP, something that can’t be said of the DNC, they accept these radicals with open arms.

The attacks on the GOP for the radical right, which by all experts shows to number less than 10,000, yet if you go to campuses, look at Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other far left communists, anarchist, and radicals from the left you number well over a million, but these the left act like they are nothing but talk, yet look at different groups like the New Black Panthors, Eco-Terrorist, Animal Liberation Front, Black Liberation Party, Earth Liberation Front, Obama’s friend Bill Aires and the Weather Underground Organization.

These groups have shown a history of violence; you have groups like the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, where members are with both parties, although the left would have you believe they are only Republicans, there is simply no data to provide any proof of this. On top of this, you have anarchy groups like Aryan Brotherhood, who are very violent, these are not traditionally conservative, but the narrative today is that they are.

We have seen this even to a greater degree since Trump has been elected, the move to violence by the left, attacks on people attending Trump political campaign stops, threats by Hollywood actors and actresses, something that if it had been said towards Obama would have resulted at the end of a career just 2 years ago, yet today it is not only accepted, it is praised by the left.

What we see once more is nothing but lies, a narrative is presented that is more based on outright fiction than facts, but that has not stopped the left from presenting this lie as a thing of truth. The left would have you believe the Dixiecrats switched sides, that could not be further from the truth, they changed in their sheets and moved into the halls of power and the universities, changed their hate from the Black and Jews to the Whites and Jews, brought a whole bunch of deceived and ill-informed groups with them, many times the very groups they hate, and set off on the same lie. They are still the party of hate; nothing has changed.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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