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Left’s Newest Wrench Into The Kavanaugh Nomination

Left’s Newest Wrench Into The Kavanaugh Nomination

As we have seen, the left is desperately trying to throw a wrench into the Supreme Court pick by Trump, they at all cost wish to delay this until after the elections, and then will say with a new electorate coming in, they should delay that until Congress can vote with this change. In the end what they are most in fear of is losing control that they still currently have in the high court, but I doubt this will stop this from going forward, nor should it be able to. In other words, they will do everything within their power to keep Kavanaugh from being voted on.

We have all heard of the Biden Rule by now, the last year of a sitting president’s term, they should not be able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice in, although I will admit I found myself humored on how quickly Biden forgot this when he and Obama were trying to do the same thing, amazing how quickly they forget when the shoe is on the other foot, but this has never held true for midterm, or Kegan would never have been elected.

The reason the left is now pushing so hard on this is due to a paper Kavanaugh wrote on this, saying a president while sitting in office should not be able to be indicted, just as has been upheld by both the Justice Department and the High Court for years, but the fact that he agreed with this president has Schumer and the left in an uproar, they are claiming his support of this alone is enough not to elect him, thankfully he does not have the numbers to stop this, but he could try to use this to pressure anyone from the left who may be inclined to vote for Kavanaugh.

We see now the push the left is going to try to put out there; they are going to claim, legal precedence, that has held for 200+ years now is grounds not to vote. What you really have is not a case of judicial issue, it is the fact that the left doesn’t like this idea, they want it overturned and are willing to do whatever is needed to see to it, that is not the way the law works.

It would be a none issue of only Schumer was holding this position, but we now see the left trying to put in place a circling of wagons so as to stop this, you have more and more coming out saying the same thing, the record is broken, you will start to now hear this play over and over.

The left fears nothing more than having strict constitutionalist on the courts, they want the constitution to be a living document, one that can be changed to serve the times, to be bent when emotions dictate it, others like Kavanaugh believe that the constitution was written with the same protection and intent then as it is now, we need to look to the ideals the founders were putting in place when they wrote it, not what popular opinion today holds to change it, that is totally unacceptable to the left, they know a court filled with like-minded justices will not be so easy to manipulate, this is the greatest danger they see to putting in place what the left feels is their destiny.

The newest buzzword is a co-conspirator, but that has little to do with the facts, no plea deal has ever been used in such a manner, but the truth is not what the left is after, just the perception of truth.

We need to call, write, put pressure on our representatives, just the fact that the left finds Kavanaugh such a threat is enough to give pause, what is it that they fear, that he will not allow them to railroad this president out of power if they win control of one or two houses? That is reason enough for me to demand this vote takes place.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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