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Left’s Racism By Low Expectation Against Blacks

Left’s Racism By Low Expectation Against Blacks

Many of us have heard for years now, the only reason the GOP wants voter ID’s is to prevent the poor liberal black folks from voting but does any of this hold up to serious scrutiny? And I must ask, what type of stupid do they think the American blacks are? Are they so mentally-handicapped that no one can figure out how to get an ID? This is racism by low expectation shown for all.

This argument amazes me if I were black, and I am not, I am Jewish, but they lump me into this minority argument, somehow we lack the brains to understand that we can go to city hall, to the police station, to DMV to get an ID. Further, they act like no minorities have these, what is driving on, our good looks? Of course not, I am a fat middle-aged Jew, the only thing my good looks may get me is a good old fashion beating, sure not the right to drive.

One of the most enlightening shows I have seen is Ami Horowitz, he went and asked Berkley Students and staff what they thought of voter ID’s, here they show both their outright ignorance, they act like blacks are too ignorant to figure out how to get an ID, I have to say, if I were black I would be utterly insulted by this reaction.

But let’s go further, what about if someone gets pulled over by a cop, and you don’t have an ID, what are you going to do? Yell at the cop that he is a racist and check his White Privilege? What is worse, these idiots actually accused African American cops of this as well, guess they have a problem with their vision, or is it their brains? I can see how this will work, I have visions now of sitting cuffed up in the back seat of a cop car now.

I am sorry I am making fun of this, but let’s be blunt here, this is so stupid, the only thing you can do is laugh. It kind of reminds me of your child when they are about two, you catch them with something they shouldn’t have, they hide it behind their back, then lie their heads off, in the end, are totally confused how you could know they were hiding the offending item, it is the same way here, you can’t get angry, their argument is just simply too stupid.


What it is, is racism by low expectation, and this is what the left thinks of Blacks today, they think they are so ignorant they have to be protected from themselves. What is more, there are some of the voices of Democrats, who are black, when you bring this up they scream that you aren’t black you have no right to comment on this, yet they are the first to throw supposed “White Privilege” in your face.


Ran in this not long ago, was in a debate over this, a black man yelled at me, told me I had no right to speak on this, I needed to check my white privilege. When I informed him I was Jewish, he shrugged his shoulders, said it was the same thing. Later in the conversation, we were speaking about issues in Gaza, he started yelling about it, so I asked if he was Arabic, he informed me that I knew he was black, then got offended when I shrugged my shoulders and said it was the same, got even angrier when I told him to check his black privilege.

The double standards by the left is astounding, the outright racism by low expectation is sad, and further, they have started to educate a whole group of black Americans that they are victims, thus they feel they have a right to shut anyone up if they aren’t black, but they have a right to attack anyone, they feel that no one has a right to judge them as they judge others.

What is great, there are great Black men and woman that are waking up to this, the Black Community is waking up to this racism by low expectation, what the left has taken for granted, they may find soon they will not be able to, this is not only good for them but the rest of America as well.

There are great leaders in the Black Community, we need the community to look to them, not idiots like we see in the NFL, people who know the only ones that can fix this are themselves, blaming everyone else and doing nothing but plays the victim nothing gets done. This racism by low expectation needs to stop.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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