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The Left’s Switch And Bait

The Left’s Switch And Bait


I have been watching the outrage manufactured by the left over the last week, sat down and tried to figure out why a program that has been in effect since Clinton was in office drew such attention, came to conclusion, this is not what the problem was, but was a great distraction away from what was truly damning to the Left, the DOJ’s IG was being interviewed by Congress. A switch and bait was needed, this is why this crisis exploded, yet it has been going on for years.

What is being done today with the separation of children as the parents are expedited through the courts, that was done under Obama, there was little said about this, the nation was entering a war after the shock of 9/11 with Bush, so this would not have garnered much attraction, and under Clinton nothing was said, so why now?

The reason is simple, the Left at this time has no message, they know that the only thing they have to draw outrage against what Trump’s administration success at this point is trying to damn it, for they can’t bring up attacks for their accomplishments. They knew they had to draw attention, they found the perfect switch and bait, let’s feign outrage over a policy they put in effect during the Clinton years and make the GOP own it, thus the switch and bait was put into motion.

At this point with our economic growth at 3+% (Remember Obama saying that 2% was the new norm, then mocking Trump saying how was he going to do this, create jobs out of midair?), Trump did what he promised, the economy is great, both our manufacturing and consumer confidence is at either record highs or near record highs, our unemployment is the same, with our numbers now the best in 17 years, Black and Hispanic unemployment is at record lows, Women’s numbers are rapidly approaching the same, the economy is not something they can condemn, although they are trying to give all the credit to Obama.

With Trump’s approval numbers now continuing to climb, he is now at 45%, and the upward trend is continuing,  they know that unless they do something to stop this climb, they are going to face another shock come November, so they started with this, the switch and bait was their only choice.

If you compare Trump’s numbers, considering he came into office with the lowest approval ratings yet, the press has from day one done nothing but attack him, yet if you compare him at this same point to other presidents you find that Clinton and Obama were at 46%, Reagan was at at the same place Trump is now, only the Bush father and son were higher, but we just entered wars at this point, that always draw up approval ratings, more so if we are showing to be winning.

With these numbers, the left knows they are in trouble, the only thing they can do at this time is to create a manufactured crisis, and that is precisely what they have done. What is more, there is a solution to this, and it is quite easy, yet if they act, they take the crises away, so they do nothing, they need the problem to continue this charade.

Trump has said he is willing to deal with this, give him funding to secure our borders with any immigration reform, he will sign the paperwork right now. The left has no wish for this to be done, they know by creating this crisis they will force some of the GOP members in a weaker position come this November to try to rush to a solution, so they give nothing, yet demand all their demands are met.

It is time for us to protest, let our representatives, that a compromise will result in them losing their seats, but we will not replace them by voting for the left, rather for people that will stick to the program. We need to empower our representatives that are showing tighter races that we will come out and vote; mid-term elections are historically low in turnouts. Let the left now, no more are we accepting this switch and bait, we demand that they start reporting the news, or turn the channel.

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We can win this, Trump can continue to do the great job he is doing with this economy, bringing back the US to the point of leading from the front, rather then from behind, what we saw for eight years with Obama. We put this change in effect with our votes, it’s our votes that will ensure they continue, or we can give in to the desperation manufactured by the left and watch this all fade into a memory.

What is needed now is to look to the congressional hearings, voice your opinions of this over social media, tell your friends and family what you think, draw up public awareness of what is going on, look to sources that will show the truth.

The left wants this covered up, they know if we are exposed to this truth, we will see the absolute corruption that was within the establishment when the left was in control, this has to have attention drawn away at all cost. If we tire of this newest outrage, expect another manufactured crises to follow in short order, for they can’t leave a void in the public awareness, they just may turn to what is indeed happening.

We need to lift up our voices, let the left know that this switch and bait will no longer be accepted.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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