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The Left’s War Against Faith

The Left’s War Against Faith

We have heard now the common phrase that the left is in a war against Faith, their goal is to exterminate it, people in the left that have the credentials of minister support these moves, in the name of their political views they are more than happy to throw the beliefs of the faith they claim to represent out the window. While Sharpton is a glaring example of this, he is the most vocal; there are many doing far more in the shadows of the left. 

The other day I had someone ask me, “How did this happen, when I was a kid you had Democrats like Martin Luther King, a stalwart of the social movement, many within this movement are preachers, so why the war against faith?” I answered the only way I knew how, first, to be honest, then look at why.

When you had the old civil rights movements, a move that was for the most part led by the churches and religious leaders, the Democrats walked hand in hand with them, they looked to faith to give them the power to overcome a racist and outdated system. Even today we have many of the civil rights leaders are ministers, but I have to ask, are they more preachers due to the status they gain or are they ministers more because of the message of hope and faith they bring? I sadly come to the conclusion it is the former and not the latter. So why are they now so involved with a political movement that is at war against faith?

As a child of two faiths, I saw what was very much real and what was not. I saw many who went to church or the synagogue; it never had anything to do with faith, it was more about socializing, having your status clear to others while using the social structure of the church to put you in that position. Others I knew were in for the faith aspect, social structures meant little, they would rather live with little and share the faith that was the center of their life, then climb a social level and just preach to the influent, instead of living in riches they would reach out to the poor, visit the unlovable, unlikable and put their arms around whom no one else would, these were the real people of faith. Maybe this is why we see the acceptance of the war against faith. 

So How Did This All Start?

I would say the first moves were made to remove all mention of any faith-based topic from schools, funny thing is, I am not sure I disagree with this, the reason is simple, while the majority of the followers of faith are Christians today, the fastest growing faith today in America is Islam, there are some that say this will most likely take over as the predominant religion in Europe over the next 25 to 30 years, America in 50 to 60 years. While I would not be surprised about Europe, not sure if I agree with this in the US, but that is immaterial if Islam does take over, do you want your kids being taught the faith and having to say prayers towards Mecca in school? Thus started the slow war against Faith, was not fired with a massive battle, it was a little prick, one that soon turned into an all-out assault. 

In 1962 with Engel v. Vitale the courts ruled that starting the day off with prayer violated the first amendment, part of this was the fact since the majority of the kids in school were Christians, other faiths were given no consideration, they were forced to go along with Christain prayers. Once more we go back to the above-mentioned statement by me, while this is not a bad thing for most people, say you are in some cities in Michigan where Islam is now overtaking as the majority faith, would you want your kids to be forced to pray towards Mecca, I sure would not. Sadly, the schools seemed to have forgotten this, we have no cases where schools are pushing their students to dress up as Muslims, say the prayers, this is fine with liberals, seems to me they are showing a favoritism towards one faith, thus once more violating the first amendment, maybe it is time to take them back to court. 

After this came the court ruling District v. Schempp in 1963, this took faith entirely out of school by then removing what then was a common practice, reading a chapter out of the Bible, or maybe a verse every morning. While I had no problem personally with either of these rulings, I don’t want the government teaching faith, any faith in my child,

But here is where the problem started, we saw what for the prior 200 years be the standard we taught morals and common courtesy to our children taken away from them, what did the state replace this void with? Science. We first took G-d out of the classroom, then started a full-scale teaching of evolution, there was at first both theories taught side by side, but this was quickly dismissed, In Arkansas the courts took up in 1968 a law in place that forbids any teaching of evolution with Epperson v. Arkansas, this was overturned by the high courts for violating the establishment clause. This law was more put in place as a reaction to what many in Arkansas saw as a secular encroachment of their faith, rather than allow both theories to be taught as a comparison to each other; they simply sought to outlaw one, that was not going to stand. 

Thus in the 1960’s, we saw the war against faith throw out the reading of the Bible, praying, secular teaching take precedence over any religious, and this while not bad at that time, grew in power as time went on. As I said earlier, I did not disagree with these earlier cases, but I started to have problems with the later ones. 

From Separation To A War On Faith.

Most of the laws up to this time were more based to take the school, thus the government out of the teaching faith category, this was not so bad, but what followed later and continues to this day went from more a work to keep separation to now we see outright attacks with the left and their atheist activists groups doing their best to try to eradicate faith from the nation. We went from a cry for separation to now outright war on faith. 

Today we see more a war than an attempt to separate; this grew to almost radical attacks starting in the 1980’s. Started with (Lynch v. Donnelly) where these groups took Pawtucket, RI to court, said their display of religious holiday symbols was a violation of the first amendment, the city was supported by the courts so long as they allowed other religious groups to put their symbols in their display. We have now seen groups like the Church of Satan trying to put their stuff up. Personally, I think this is more a publicity stunt than anything else. 

We have seen this go so far now as having attacks against WW1 grave sites attacked because the people back 100 years ago put a cross in a site where almost all were Christians buried there, the fact that these people died protecting this country means nothing to these activist groups, they find any display of religion an offense, so they disrespect these brave souls and demand these come down. This was taken to court by the American Humanist Association, said it violated their sensibilities, they requested it is moved off of government land. Wednesday, Oct 20, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered the removal of a Bladensburg, Maryland, World War I memorial because its 40-foot tall cross shape violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. We have now seen the war on faith go from something that may have been understandable to outright ridiculous. 

We are at a point where the War on Faith has taken not only G-d out of our lives in all social context, we see now religion replaced by science, morals are tossed out the door, people of faith are derided as unredeemable by the left, you have Oprah that wishes for all of us older white people to just die off. We are in a war with faith; now we have groups that are pushing to rip it out of our lives, they will stop at nothing, we are faced with one of two choices, sit still and do nothing but cry when something happens or fight back. This is not a fight any longer over pushing faith in schools, this is a fight over the soul of this nation, one side wishes to crush any chance of faith having any say in our lives and that of our government, the other side acknowledges that faith is what drives us, makes us, we are in a war against faith, sadly many of us have been asleep, pretending if we ignore it then it will go away. Hate to break it to you; if you are not willing to fight, then you have lost already. 

One thing before I end, we need to remember, this is not a war against us, we already lost, this is a war against faith by the left to strip our children of all faith, if you take the absolute moral codes away that faith teaches you can more easily manipulate the youth, this is who the war is against. As a parent, this is a war very much worth fighting, I am not only fighting for my child’s morals but their spirit and soul, we need to understand this, know that the left very much understands this, if we are not willing to fight, then our kids are lost already.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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