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Is The Liberal Press The Enemy Of The People?

Is The Liberal Press The Enemy Of The People?

If you studied civics, sadly something they seem to not require of school children any longer, you will remember, the press was put in place by our founding fathers to keep the government accountable to the people, but what do you do when this same press is now aiding in an effort to overthrow the government the people voted in? What about when the liberal press ignores the news that isn’t convenient to them, instead become obsessed with the spreading propaganda that furthers their agenda?

What about when the liberal press is aiding in formatting a rebellion against the ruling party in the US, when they are attacking anyone who disagrees with them, giving comfort and excuses for the ones that violently protest and attack? They do this for domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They scream that someone calls them fake news and Trump supporters aren’t friendly to them, but they are the ones that attack these same people as uneducated, as deplorable, so they think these people are going to be thankful to them?

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If a civil war does erupt, and at the rate we are going as a nation, it could very well after either this election or the next if Trump wins again; if the liberal press is egging this on, supporting this sedition, are they any less guilty then the other actors? I say if it happens we hold the orchestrators and actors in the press as accountable as the people trying to rise up and overthrow this government.

Because you are the liberal press, you don’t get a “Get Out of Jail” card, you sure can’t lie your head off, try to push a political agenda that is aimed at overthrowing the legally elected government. To try to twist every word that is stated, that is not reporting, that is acting in sensationalizing your created news to try to push your agenda.

If I civil war erupts, we should hold channels like CNN, MSNBC, and others responsible for what has come about, we should look to New York Times, Huffington Post and other sites and ask why they are owning up to their responsibility? Maybe what we need to do is look to the sponsors of these people, people like Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, and others, demand they pull their support or we will cease purchasing their products, educate others to what they are supporting with the profits from what we buy. The liberal press should not get a free press just because they are the fifth estate, not when they have their hands covered in blood.

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I love that up to now you have the press like FOX and others that refuse to return what the left has done, try to pull advertisers from conservative commentators who say or support something the left disagrees with, but I learned long ago, while it is nice to fight back with honor and nobility, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves, jump into the middle of the pit and fight it out, this is all these people will ever understand. Sometimes you have to just learn to beat these people at their own game.

I try to report on the news, try to not get into personal rants like this, although I have no problem with giving my opinion, and I represent what I write as an opinion, it is listed as such, but this needs to stop. The liberal press does not realize they are playing with fire, you have states like California who are ridden with such debt, yet they are openly talking of succession, while part of me says go, good riddance, another part does not wish to see this great nation torn apart, regardless of the flakes they have in that state.

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It is also the actions of the left, compared to how the rest of us react. We dealt with 8 terrible years of Obama, could not stand his policies, felt much of where we are now is his doing, but I never felt a need to label an Obama supporter a traitor, sure did not assault them or throw eggs at them when they went to one of his rallies. I never felt a need to flee to a quiet corner, have a teddy bear, pacifier and hot cocoa sure did not need a crying corner, I decided to do something constructive, to work to ensure my ideas were heard.

The problem is the Left thought they were going to win this election, they had plans and dreams how they were going to turn this nation into a socialist utopia, the thing they didn’t count on was the rest of America did not feel this way, so rather then educate the people on why they should, they decided to disrespect, call them names, label anyone that does not agree with them as fascist, next said all fascist should be attacked, so they started to attack us. Here is the problem, and you are starting to see this, people will take this type of abuse so long, then they are going to fight back, this can explode in a hurry.

CNN, MSBC, CBS, ABC, Time Ect.

We need to be prepared for this, but also have the knowledge of whom set this up, the deep state actors and the press, these two need to take responsibility for this, and if we do see such a thing break out, they need to be brought to justice for instigating this.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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