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Liberal States Rush To Extend Abortion To Birth

Liberal States Rush To Extend Abortion To Birth

In a move that has gone from bad to worse, we now see states with liberal controlled governments rushing to outdo each other in whom can set up laws that allow abortion all the way to partial birth abortion and beyond.

New York passed a law that even the average supporter of abortion does not support in polling, the right to abort all the way to the point of when a baby is being delivered, the right to kill at the point of birth prior to breathing.

This is the law that China had for years, one that we and much of the world correctly condemned, they would inject the brain of the infant as they were crowning with medication to induce a heart attack, thus insuring a still birth.

This was done to ensure their population control, but we don’t have that problem, our population is no longer growing, we are having fewer children then we are losing adults, thus we have lost the ability to sustain our population at the level we have it now. The worst hit, the American white population.

We are at the point in our civilization where we see a population group shrinking due to both natural causes, and unnatural, killing off babies are one of those causes.

We are not the only people experiencing this, native European populations are as well, we now see this whole demographic changing with Arab populations coming in and becoming the replacements for what is lost.

There will be around 10–15 major cities in Europe with Muslim majority by 2050–2070.

Two cities in Europe already have Muslim mayors including London.

In last one hundred years, Islam grew in influence as it numbers increased at a sharp rate. In 1910, there were only 12.6% Muslims, but in 2017, there are around 24.9%.

Basically Europe is becoming a tool of their own demise, seems they have so much problem with self-worth, they are allowing a whole new people to come in, over time replace them as the dominate groups in their own nations.

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But we are more speaking of America, we also here have a population switch trying to be put in place, the liberals call it the browning of America. They not only seem to hate their own caucasian race, they are hell bent with intent to replace it, demean it, and do their best to replace white Americans as the dominant population.

But one has to ask, why not then work on replacing our population with African Americans instead of bringing in new people from outside of the US?

That would be hard, the African American population is faced with the same problem the whites are, a declining population. At this point they are seeing a change of -.075% of a population replacement of births to death, this figure was from 2014, this has even widened further. Of course, whites are even worse, they are experiencing a decline of .23%, our birth ratio for couples is now under 1.9 babies for every couple, this is not even enough to replace their parents.

So the question has to be asked, why the demand that abortions be allowed, or for this matter even encouraged? when we see a drop in population number to unsustainability, why would we want to stress these numbers even worse? Could it be the intent of Margaret Sanger, to rid ourselves of what the elite consider as undesirables the ultimate goal?

We hear from the proponents of pro-choice that we should keep our hands off their bodies, but we have never asked for this, but it is obvious that they had someone else’s hands on their body, this is after all how children are conceived. What is amazing, they demand we have a hand in supplying them birth control, then demand we take care of their health needs if they are pregnant, then help with the delivery and pay for the care in many cases after.

This whole argument is confusing, and rather dishonest, if you want me to keep out of your bedroom, why then do you demand I supply all your needs for what you do while you are in there? And giving the complaint that conservatives only care about babies until they are born, that is a lie, it is the liberals that put in laws to make it near impossible to adopt babies, that is why so many today go overseas to adopt, save the problem of dealing with a near impossible legal challenges that new parents have to go through here.

And one has to ask, why make this so difficult, do the liberals care about the babies? Of course not, they sure have no problem terminating their lives, instead they use them for propaganda purposes, then blame the right for the very laws the left has demanded be put in place.

A great example of this is the right in many states if you adopt a child, if the natural parent then decides later they want the child back, the parents in most cases have little choice but to return the child. Most parents deal with this once, then look elsewhere.

What you basically seem to have is a concerted effort to make it easier to have abortions, to make it near impossible to adopt children of parents that wish to keep them and give them up at birth, thus once more ensuring the easiest choice, sometimes the only one is to have an abortion.

But the latest, this goes beyond abortion, to say as is shown above, that a child should be delivered, made comfortable, then decide what to do with the child after they are born, this is not a discussion over a minor medical procedure, this is deciding if one should kill a born child or not.

What is more amazing is the Governor to walk back his statement then came out and said he was not speaking of killing a child, but he was in this whole conversation speaking of abortions, he was speaking of terminating the infant.

Further, if the child is delivered, as he stated, then how are men, or for that matter anyone telling her at that point what to do with her body, the infant would be out of her body at that point.

And I ask further, even if the infant is in the body of the child, why is it not afforded any protection? If you hit a woman with a car and are drunk, you get charged with double murder, if the child is not with rights, how is it that you are charged?

Further, if a mother is with child, is caught doing illegal narcotics, she is charged with child abuse, every state has laws on their books for this, but then would not reason saying upon getting out of jail or court for this act, then heading to a abortion clinic to abort the child, is this not even more abusive, if not outright murder? The law makes no sense here.

So one has to ask, where does this stop, we now have New York that says it is legal to abort or kill a infant as it is traversing the birth canal, we all know that give 15 to 30 minutes, you would have a viable breathing baby on your hands, now we are callus enough to kill them before they can take their first breath?

And why not extend this to birth, if you have a baby and you decide that is not what you wanted you can dispose of it, I am sure at the rate the left is going, it is only a matter of time until we hear calls for this, and they will do so in a way to make it seem they are being compassionate about this.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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