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Liberal States Take The First Step To Try To Stop Trump’s Wall

Liberal States Take The First Step To Try To Stop Trump’s Wall

In a move that should surprise California led the way with 12 other states following, to file papers in Federal Court to stop Trump from being able to declare a National Emergency to build the wall. This is not about the border, never has been, this is about the left doing what they can to thwart Trump, this now includes Trump’s Wall.

What is somewhat surprising is they can even do this, the separation of power, even though the border is in their jurisdiction, the control of the borders do not fall under any mandate by the states to manage, the constitution is very clear, controlling our borders is the sole purview of the federal government only.

What is equally surprising are the states that joined in the lawsuit. While one could argue that California is affected with a wall coming in, even the landowners or ranchers in Texas that brought a suit could be affected as well, but how on earth are Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii,
New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Virginia, and Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota affected by this?

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As the Reuters article by Jeff Mason and Sarah N. Lynch states:

The states said Trump’s order would cause them to lose millions of dollars in federal funding for national guard units dealing with counter-drug activities and redirection of funds from authorized military construction projects would damage their economies.

This is just nonsense, if you look at the funds Trump would be using, it would not affect these duties or funding for these in any way.

One can question this, as the left did when Obama was in office, and Arizona saw the government’s refusal to secure its borders, so Arizona put in laws to protect the sovereignty of their own state, but the Supreme Court on June 25, 2014, in a 5 – 3 ruling, found the state had no right over control of their border with Mexico, but they did have a right to check for citizenship with police stops.

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So the question has to be asked, “If thDemocratsts were upset that a state was trying to thwart national response to the control of our border, why are they upset and trying now to do this exact thing now?” The reason for this is simple; the left does not care about the rule of law, never have, they care about their goal to redo the demographics of this nation, they will do anything, including in typical hypocrisy move to fight for what they had just finished fighting against in the last administration. The greatest danger they see is Trump succeeding, thus they now are eyeing Trump’s Wall.

But there is more, securing our borders, stopping the flow of drugs, dangerous illegals, there is no concern of this by the left, they don’t care about keeping their constituents safe, what this is really about at its core is their hatred of Trump and in their derangement they will put their own people and this nation in danger to go to any length to stop him, they will put their own people and this nation in danger to go to any length to stop him.

The issue with the Left is not security, it only comes down to their illogical hatred of everything Trump, this includes Trump’s Wall. If Trump came out on Wednesday, said he decided that the wall is a waste of money, just open our borders, by Thursday the Democrats and press would be demonstrating not only for a Southern Wall but a Northern one as well.

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