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Liberals Demand Illinois Changes Judges in Rittenhouse Case. One Slight Problem, The Case Is In Wisconsin

Liberals Demand Illinois Changes Judges in Rittenhouse Case. One Slight Problem, The Case Is In Wisconsin

Leave it up to the liberals to be pushing to replace the judge in the Rittenhouse case due to the way his phone rang. Because his phone had a patriotic tune to it, this was enough to convince the loony Left that he was a threat; they had to remove him to ensure they got the ruling they wanted on the case.

According to the leftist internet sleuths, they can divine from the judge’s cell phone ring tone and tissue box that he must be a white racist.


Sure, these are the same people who may not have watched the trial or know the facts of the case, but those hardly matter, now do they? A person who loves the country has no place adjudicating a court case involving crazed communist rioters!

Indeed, “Uncovering the Truth” revealed that during periods of downtime during the trial and out of view from the jury, Schroeder reads about cookies recipes.

Stop. The. Presses.

Here is Judge Bruce Schroeder reading a cookbook during testimonies. Then, the Judge’s phone range in the middle of the Prosecution’s line of questioning. Also, his ringtone was Trump’s rally theme song, “God Bless the USA.” This is what bias looks like. #KyleRittenhouseIsGuilty

But things got much, much worse; the judge then uttered these words that sent the Liberal masses into a mass frenzy; only racism could explain this, he said when ordering Chinese food:

I hope the Asian food isn’t coming.. isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor.”

The response to this was instantaneous; it must be racism against Asians (something that sure doesn’t bother liberals when it comes to college admittance exam scores):

It seems that the humorless Left has lost track of what a joke was. This case is being handled in Wisconsin; the joke was he “hoped it did not come off of one of the boots on Long Beach Harbor. In other words, lunch would be late if it came off of one of those boats due to the supply chain crises.

But this was seen as an attack on Asians, for there may be some at that harbor, thus starting the Left’s silliness.

But it gets worse:

And then things went from bad to bizarre:

According to a Red State reporter who was there:

Oh no! The judge made a joke about the supply chain crisis! And everyone gasped!

Yet even that was a lie. Townhall’s Julio Rosas busted that falsehood.

But seriously, how twisted do you have to be — and uninformed about the supply chain crisis — to get yourself in a twist over a joke that was not racist in the slightest? Again, it’s not about reality; it’s just about stoking outrage against the perceived enemy — in this case, a teenager who defended himself.

However, deluded liberals have now added to the crazy to remove Judge Schroeder from the case. They’ve started a petition to have the judge dismissed.

Here’s part of it:

Judge Bruce Schroeder has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is not fit to make fair judgments on this case. His continual insistence that Rittenhouse is allowed to walk free shows that he puts no value in the public’s safety. His decisions in this matter have unequivocally proven that he needs to be removed. If he cannot take something as severe as hate crimes resulting in murder seriously, how can we expect him to make fair judgments in any other trial?

This petition, upon receiving enough signatures, will be sent to the Illinois State House. We will demand that they remove Judge Bruce Schroeder from his seat in the interest of the safety of the people of Illinois and all Americans.

Here is the best part, this trial is being held in Wisconsin; Illinois has nothing to do with it. We Wisconsinites could care less what the Illinois assembly thinks of it; they have no jurisdiction here.


This has not stopped the Loony Left; they now have over 10,000 signatures, growing as we speak.

Next, we will hear that the Biden White House has somehow gotten involved, even though this is entirely out of the hands of the feds, with Democrats, that does not matter, ignore the constitution if you don’t like its restrictions on you, that is, after all, what they have been doing with the COVID Vaccine Mandates.

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