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Lindsey Graham Tells the Squad Where to Stick Their Calls for His Resignation

Lindsey Graham Tells the Squad Where to Stick Their Calls for His Resignation

Lindsey Graham has been a pleasant surprise during the Trump years. He used to be the bane of conservatives’ existence, selling us out whenever the opportunity presented itself. Under Trump, he appears to have found his testicles. Tweets like you are about to read are an example of that.

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First, some backstory. The Georgia secretary of state accused Graham of suggesting the state throw out legal ballots. Graham said he didn’t say that. The SOS recanted somewhat, saying he could have misunderstood. Doesn’t matter. “The Squad” chirped about it, claiming Graham should resign based on one person’s read of a private conversation. The senior senator from South Carolina went all “bless your heart” on them, since “bless your heart” is slang for “suck it.”

My man!

Here’s the question. Let’s say Joe Biden is in fact sworn in as president. Does Lindsey Graham go back to being the “go along to get along” guy? Or did he learn his lesson? I’d like to think he has. Democrats have spent the last four years exposing themselves for who they are. “Negotiating in good faith” isn’t their thing.

Sure, finding bipartisan “common ground” is a noble concept. It should be the default first step. If the other side isn’t interested, Republicans look like jackwagons giving in to virtue-signal over “I tried.” Lindsey Graham, I hope at least, understands that now.

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