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Local Resident Welcomes Biden to Michigan with Brutal Backyard Message POTUS Can Read from Marine One

Local Resident Welcomes Biden to Michigan with Brutal Backyard Message POTUS Can Read from Marine One

President Joe Biden visited Michigan this week, but Michigan didn’t seem to be all too happy to have him there.

Biden was in the city of Howell stumping for his hotly contested infrastructure bill currently being negotiated by Congress back in Washington, D.C., and footage of the vehement protesters who lined up to greet him upon his arrival with “f*** Joe Biden” signs have been spreading around the internet like wildfire.


However, according to one viral clip, it appears that he got the same message before he even stepped onto Michigan soil.

One Twitter user shared a clip of a massive sign that someone had made and displayed on their lawn which read in giant white letters, “F*** JOE BIDEN,” and seems to have been placed right in plain view as Marine One flew overhead.

WARNING: The following images and videos contain vulgar language that some viewers will find offensive.

The man topped his message off by flipping the bird at the presidential helicopter overhead.

“The most popular President when flying over Michigan yesterday got warm. Let’s go, Brandon, welcome,” the Twitter user who shared the clip wrote with several laughing emojis.

F*** Joe Biden” chants have become almost commonplace at sporting events as of late, and when a reporter at a NASCAR event mistook the crowd to be innocently chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” after driver Brandon Brown had a successful race, an instant euphemism for the explicative trend was born.

It was undoubtedly lovely for conservative Christians who dislike our president to have a euphemism for “f*** Joe Biden,” I have to say because while I don’t condone the vulgarity, I certainly understand the sentiment of the chant, and this massive Biden “welcome” sign all the same.

Here was a bit of a taste of what else Biden had in store for him on the ground in Howell:

Now, suppose you are a former President Donald Trump supporter, as relatable as it is to hear the, ahem, “Let’s Go Brandon” chants and see the enthusiastic anti-Biden protesters line the streets of Howell. In that case, it’s essential to bear in mind that being hated doesn’t necessarily make a president a lousy president, and four years of Trump most certainly proved that to be true.

We can even generously pretend for a moment that the pro-Trump Michiganders who lined the streets ahead of the president’s visit to their community are doing the same thing as the balaclava-sporting, black-clad anarchists who enjoy terrorizing random members of the public to express their distaste for current leaders (which is generous).

Here’s the thing: the fact that “f*** Joe Biden” chants have become routine at sporting events. That vitriol against him is getting just this pronounced destroy whatever semblance was left of the vision Biden has portrayed of himself as a “unifying” president.

Trump was many things, but he was not a man who promised to end the fierce cultural division. He was divisive, and he owned that. Biden, on the other hand, was touted as the guy to complete the raging culture wars.

For years, we were told that sure, Trump is great for the economy, he’s standing up to our enemies, and he’s, well, making America great again, but he’s just so divisive!

The ideological terrorists who opposed his presidency managed to traumatize a lot of voters into believing that, with Trump out of office, we could at the very least, end a period of history in which it seemed like everyone was at one another’s throats, and he was always the perceived catalyst.

This has not been the case — far from it. Say whatever you will about Trump. Biden is hated.


And, unlike Trump, he’s not hated by the people who would burn the entire system down if they had a chance.

He’s hated by regular, everyday Americans who watched our disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan in disgust; who are feeling the pain as they watch their grocery bills and the number at the gas pump climb every month; who are being told they’re domestic terrorists for not wanting pornographic material in their kids’ health class; and who are facing ostracization from society and even unemployment for deciding to stand up for their freedom and bodily autonomy.

Trump was hated by the radicals who hate our country; Biden is hated by the normies who want their country back. So yeah, there’s a pretty big difference.

For all the starry-eyed, rose-colored spin that his supporters desperately try to put on the Biden presidency, you can’t deny the prevalence of his vehement opponents.


Biden is undeniably, incredibly divisive, and the nation being torn apart by his policies is most certainly not going to heal with him in the White House.

So yeah. This is why they’re chanting, “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Cross-posted from The Western Journal

Notes from the Editor:

When I saw this on Twitter, I had a liberal come on and start yelling that there was no civility towards the president. I asked, “So for the last four years, you liberals showed civility towards Trump?” She informed me that Trump was different; he was evil, it was the duty of every American to make sure he could never run for president again. I thanked her, said we learned from them how to protest, now we will take from her example and see to it that not only will Biden end up being impeached, but find it our duty to make sure no Democrat ever can win the White House again.

I found out I was a racist.

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