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MAGA Lady Owns Michigan Election Hearings with Her Testimony

MAGA Lady Owns Michigan Election Hearings with Her Testimony

The Associated Press has declared Joe Biden president-elect of the United States. The unofficial vote count shows Biden with the electoral votes. AP based the call on that. Good for them. Others allege an above-average number of discrepancies. Plus, there are reports of shady sh*t on and since election night. Joe Biden’s opponent Donald Trump has the legal right to challenge all this. Or, at the very least, call for an investigation. Hearings were conducted this week in Arizona and Michigan, among other states. The Trump campaign submitted its findings.

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Everything in the preceding paragraph is factual. Even factual by “fact” “checker” standards. With that out of the way, check out this lady because she’s awesome.

On behalf of a grateful America, I thank her for her service. This woman would have smoked Eminem on open mic night. If she picked up a guitar, I’m sure she shreds harder than Ted Nugent. Send her back in time, she’d call the late ’80s/early ’90s Detroit Pistons a bunch of pu$ies. Honestly, if the GOP up in the Mitt has any testicular fortitude, this woman will run against Gretchen Whitmer. Probably beat her up, too.

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Hours and hours of hearings can make even the most vigilant patriot glassy-eyed. We need heroes like this lady to break through the stats and legalese thrown around. Thank you, my black magic woman (name that Santana song).

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