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Make No Mistake, We Are In A Soft Civil War

Make No Mistake, We Are In A Soft Civil War

I have had many tell me that they are ready for a civil war to kick off, then look confused when I tell them that we are already there.

What many don’t realize is that ever civil war that has started, they didn’t start as a shooting war, they began as a soft war, with both sides squaring off against each other, firing propaganda pieces at each other. In cases, as we have now, one side will lie their head off, but being in control of the press, the lies are continued until the general population starts to believe them.

Russia, China, Cuba, neither of these started as a violent war; they began with the revolutionaries moving against the youth to bring them into their fold, the youth are always more willing to act emotionally then we adults are.

We have seen this for the last 25 years in colleges and schools; our children are indoctrinated with liberal ideology from a teaching force that is overwhelmingly liberal. We wonder how our children could turn out to follow this, but do nothing to fight against it when we see our morals and political stances come under an attack of thousands of cuts. This is due to none are severe enough to cause harm. Instead, they do exactly what the leftist establishment wants; they cast doubt in our youth’s mind over what we hold.

If democracy, in essence, means the abolition of class domination, then why should not a socialist minister charm the whole bourgeois world by orations on class collaboration?

Lenin, What Is To Be Done?, “Dogmatism And ‘Freedom of Criticism’” (1901)

Many of us wonder what set the left off after the election of 2016; this answer is rather straightforward; the left feels their birthright was stolen from them. As anyone would react if they found their inheritance was taken, the left has responded with hatred and rage over what they see as a theft of their rightful place in this nation.

This is what is bringing the vitriol against Trump and everything republican; the left sees Trump and the GOP as having stolen this election. No place is this seen more evident than in congress and the press where this has been brought up again and again. We have seen how many investigations, even when every investigation shows that nothing was done wrong, this does not matter to the left; they continue to spin it anyway to keep their followers riled up.

We are now in a full-blown soft revolution, or more accurately a soft-coup, where the left is determined to not only destroy Trump and his family but to do so to anyone that is associated with them. We have seen people in the orbit of the Trump circle end up in prison, an active attack to bring them down, does not matter how many lies have to be told, how many laws are violated, in the mind of the left, these people stole from them, they need to be sent to prison and punished.

The left has clearly stated their intent, they will not stop until they see President Trump in prison, and his whole fortune destroyed, along with his family members.

A newspaper is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but it is also a collective organizer.

Lenin, What Is To Be Done?, “The Plan For an All-Russia Political Newspaper” (1901)

Then comes the question, how long until this goes from a soft coup to an active one set in motion by force? I think if Trump wins the 2020 election, you are going to see elements that have restrained themselves up to this point jump in this bandwagon. Antifa will grow in power; there will be other far-left radical groups that will rise that will have no problem with using violence to try to achieve their goals.

Many of us are terrified, we have family members that may join these groups, I have some members that would, but as I have told them in the past, “I made a vow to this country when I went into the military to protect this nation from enemies both from outside and from within, no one told me when I left the military that this vow was no longer valid.”

While the family is of utmost importance to me, my child and wife, my immediate family is far more important, if I give in and do nothing while this nation I fought for once is destroyed from within, what type of inheritance will I leave my child and grandchildren?

I am older now, marching with a pack on my back, going on maneuvers is not something I could physically handle, but there are times the pen is more powerful then a sword, this is one of the times. If I can open the eyes of people around me, let them see what is happening, then I have accomplished far more then if I took up a rifle. I do need to qualify, I would have no problem taking up the rifle if I saw the need.

In the beginning we had to teach the workers the ABC, both in the literal and in the figurative senses. Now the standard of political literacy has risen so gigantically that we can and should concentrate all our efforts on the more direct Social-Democratic objectives aimed at giving an organised direction to the revolutionary stream.

Lenin, New Tasks and New Forces (1905)

We are in a civil war with the socialist elements in our nation, it at this moment what many consider a soft civil war, one waged with words and ideals rather than by arms, but make no mistake, when the words are no longer seen as effected, the other side will have no issue to take up arms to further their agenda.

There is only one way to stop this, let the other party know, if you take up arms, the response will be quick, bloody, and final, if you act, the reaction will overwhelm you. The only way to fight this is to show that we are resolute in our holding the constitution and our ideology as worth fighting and dying over.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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