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Maryland Parents Shocked to Learn Children Were Given Race and Gender Scorecards to Calculate Privilege

Maryland Parents Shocked to Learn Children Were Given Race and Gender Scorecards to Calculate Privilege

Written by Timothy Benton and Ethan Reese

A mother in Carroll County, Md., reported that students, including her daughter, were recently given race and gender privilege scorecards to complete as part of their preparation for an upcoming reading assignment in English class:


Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland
Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland

Courtesy of Concerned Parents of Carroll County Maryland

Accompanying the scorecards were other media elaborating on the concept of privilege, including this video:  

When the daughter questioned her teacher on what privilege has to do with learning English, expressing concerns that the material seemed “racist towards whites” and that it “portrayed the police in a negative light,” the teacher reacted by saying it was good to have those feelings and that the purpose of the lesson is to foster uncomfortable conversations.  

The girl’s mother sees things differently, calling such topics in the classroom “absolutely appalling.” She continued: “They’re teaching our kids to view and treat people based on their skin color, rather than treating each other as individuals. How this belongs in an English class is beyond me.”

The Concerned Parents of Carroll County, Maryland, a local group organized to remove political indoctrination in schools and promote common-sense COVID policies, were originally sent the classroom documents. The group has received similar reports from many students and parents throughout their community’s school system. 

On Wednesday, the local Board of Education will vote on a “political neutrality” policy, which aims to position teachers as neutral moderators when discussing political topics while reinforcing a focus on the basics: reading, writing, and arithmetic.   

Concerned Parents Chair Bryan Thompson urges local parents to “show up” to the board meeting and to “demand that political indoctrination remains out of our schools and that repeat offenders are held accountable.” 

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Notes from the Editor

Here is the problem with this claim of privilege.

We should be aware of how nice we have it; when I was younger, I went with a private organization, it was much like the Peace Corps, where we went through Central America, saw how the poor lived. I realized I did have a privilege growing up in America, but it was never done to make those people victims, yet this is what this program is set to do in America.

I remember the first time in Honduras when we were eating; we had pancakes, when we were done, we threw what leftovers to the pigs in a holding pen below us was. We heard terrible squealing and yelling, rushed to the window, and saw children and adults fighting with the pigs to get the food we threw out.

I grew up on a farm, was a typical farm boy, 5’9, 175 lbs, was very sturdy, I came back 120 lbs, and with good reason, I had a hard time eating when starving children were peering in the windows watching me eat, I would usually take over half my plate and give it to the children.

While I felt bad for these children, we worked on helping with irrigation and built grain storage buildings to aid them in lifting themselves out of their condition. At no time did we look at them condensatingly, tell them what terrible victims they were, we gave something to aid in pulling them out.

The ideology of “privilege” or “white privilege” does not do this; it gives no corrective measure. It only is set up to make one side feel inferior and have hatred towards the side they feel is causing this.

This is the same thing we saw in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. They blamed a people they called “privileged,” then blamed them for all the shortcomings that Germany was experiencing. When they did not get aid for their expansionist ideals, they blamed Jewish bankers; when they were in hardship, they blamed the Jews for taking from them.

Soon not only were these “Jews” a problem, but such a blight they were seen as a virus, something that needed to be done away with, and done so with extreme prejudice.

This brings in place the problem I have with this. We Jews did not need to join in this hatred with Germany; I know many were taught to do as they had done in the past, go along with it, keep your head low, and this will pass. But it didn’t; the more they submitted, the more demands they were handed. In the end, they took the last thing the individual held, their lives.

Sadly, today, we have people who this hate is directed towards joining in with the hate. We have people apologizing for being white, others asking minorities for forgiveness for how they were born. This is madness; how far of a step will it be to go to what Germany did?


My child, half-Jewish, half Hmong, asked me about this. I told him that we would never apologize for how we were born, nor do we need to seek forgiveness from anyone for who we were when we were born. Your birth does not make you privileged or a victim; how you live your life determines this.

This white privilege, or any privilege ideology we are seeing, is being brought in not to unite us; rather, it is to divide us, all while blaming one person for others’ failings.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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