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Matt Walsh Comes On Dr. Phill’s Show, Stumps Transgender Activist When Ask Them To Define “Woman,” Shuts Down Debate

Matt Walsh Comes On Dr. Phill’s Show, Stumps Transgender Activist When Ask Them To Define “Woman,” Shuts Down Debate

Two Trans activists on Dr. Phills’s show tell the host that they identified as females or none gendered, so Mat Walsh asked them to define what a female was.

I have run into this in the past and have told people as Americans that we have a right to our pursuit of happiness, but that is not inclusive of forcing my ideology on others, nor do we get to rewrite the laws of science. The laws of biology are simple, there is no mammal in the whole animal kingdom that can change biological sex, so one has to ask, why are people saying science supports this?

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I have been screamed at when I tell these activists, “You can put on a giraffe suit, even go prance with them if you wish, but if you try to get fresh with them, they will kick the @#$% out of you. And you know why? Because you are just a silly person in a giraffe suit, nothing more. A desire does not create reality; it can create fantasy, nothing more.”

From time to time, I hear dumbfounded replies, like “What do you mean?” I usually deal with this quickly by saying, “You can put on a dress, have surgery, make yourself appear to be woman-like, that does not make you a woman. We have celebrities that have had plastic surgery to make themselves cat-like; does this mean they are cats? Of course not; they had plastic surgery, nothing more. That is all-gender reassignment surgery is. You can take it a step further, get hormones, but they don’t turn you into a female; all your chromosomes still will show you are a male.”

But I love Bill Walsh’s tact; he told the men to define what a female is if you identify as a female. Naturally, they could not respond, or more accurately, they refused to, and with good reason, they know the definition, it does not suit the narrative they are presenting, so they act like if they can ignore it, it will go away. This is not reality; this is fantasy. I am an author; I am in the middle of writing a fantasy book, never have I thought it was real; there are parts of it that I wish were. If you lost sight of reality, you were called sick; they would then treat you for this to determine what is real, what is make-believe. But no more, now they reinforce your make-believe world, then tell us we have to go along with it, or we are bigotted. That is nonsense.

Here is Matt asking this question:

“Well, this is one of the problems with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words mean,” Walsh said.

“Like, what is a woman?” he asked the other panelists. “Can you tell me what a woman is?”

“No, I can’t, because it’s not for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody,” Ethan said.

“What do you define a woman as?” Addison asked Walsh.

“An adult human female,” he said.

“And what is a female?” Addison asked, with Walsh replying that a woman has female reproductive organs.

“When you’re female it goes right down to your bones, your DNA,” he said.

After some debate, Walsh said, “You stood up here and said, ‘Trans women are women.’ Tell me what you mean. What is a woman?”

“Womanhood is something that, just as Ethan explained, I cannot define because I am not myself –,” Addison said as Walsh interjected.

“But you used the word,” he said. “So what did you mean when you said, ‘Trans women are women,’ if you don’t know what it means?”

“So here’s the thing. I do not define what a woman is because I do not identify as a woman,” Addison said. “Womanhood is something that is an umbrella term.”

“That describes what?” Walsh said.

“People who identify as a woman,” Addison said.

“Identify as what?” Walsh said.

As a woman,” Addison said.

“What is that?” Walsh said.

“Well it’s to each their own,” Addison said. “Each woman, each man, each person is going to have a different relation with their own gender identity and define it differently. And so trans women are women, too.”

“You won’t even tell me what the word means though, so that’s the problem,” Walsh said.

“You want to reduce women, you want to reduce men down to maybe just their genetics, our genitals, our chromosomes, right?” Addison said.

“No, what you want to do is appropriate women, you want to appropriate womanhood, and turn it into, basically, a costume that could be worn,” Walsh said.

In this, he is correct; we now have people that say they change their gender from day to day, kind of like we change clothes. Yet gender is determined by biology, not by how you feel; this is the way it is for all mammals. I have never seen a vet walk up to a cat, dog, cow, or bird and ask, “What do you feel like today? Do you have a preferred pronoun?”

Most animals have no clue what you are saying, but if they did know, you might get bitten.

I also agree with Matt’s take on demanding the use of pronouns; this is just silly. He said:

“You don’t get your own pronouns, just like you don’t get your own prepositions or your own adjectives,” Walsh said.

“It’s like if I were to tell you, my adjectives are ‘handsome’ and ‘brilliant,’ and whenever you’re talking about me, you have to describe me as handsome and brilliant because that’s how I identify,” he said.

“That doesn’t make any sense. You don’t get your own pronouns,” he said. “That’s grammar. That’s language.”

Today, we have enabled delusion until many no longer know reality. We are told our feelings; they are reality. They aren’t. They are feelings; they often have nothing to do with reality.

We have all had that friend; they think you are talking about them, soon they are angry, upset, can’t understand why you are talking about them behind their backs. Yet most times when you run into this, no one is even talking to them; you are talking about something else, then stop because they aren’t part of the conversation.

This seems to be the doctrine of the Left. People are told it is fine to riot; you feel bad. You hear they are rioting because of prejudice, but that is nonsense. They find an excuse to misbehave, then everyone runs around and makes up excuses for them. We saw this with riots last year, a man attacks the cops, tells them he is going to stab them, reaches in his vehicles after telling them this, and assaults them first, so they shoot when he will not. Next thing you know, this is because he is black, at least according to the talking heads. I hate to break it to you; if you assault a cop, it does not matter what race you are, and then tell them you are going in your car to get a knife to stab them, they will shoot you. One does not get shot because of their race; they are shot due to their stupidity.

It’s the same thing with the LGBTQ crowd; they demand you call them what they think they are; if you refuse, they go crazy. I will always respect them for what they want to be, but they have no right to demand I buy into this delusion. I will not feed crazy.

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This is carried to most of the actions of the Left. Tell them you don’t agree with them politically; they will verbally or physically assault you. We see cities burning; if you say something, you find yourself under attack for calling these people what they are, domestic terrorists.

At this point, I don’t care; I tell people, “You can say what you wish; that is your right. I, on the other hand, can walk away. I don’t have to give you the time of day. But if you think you will assault me, I will respond in kind; that is also my right.”

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