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Maxine Waters: Country Headed From ‘Dark Days’ Of Trump To The ‘Dawn Of A New Progressive Era’

Maxine Waters: Country Headed From ‘Dark Days’ Of Trump To The ‘Dawn Of A New Progressive Era’

From The Daily Caller

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters said the United States is headed from the “dark days” under President Donald Trump’s leadership to “the dawn of a new progressive America.”

Waters, who is chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, made the remarks during the opening statement of a Thursday committee hearing, which was conducted remotely.

The hearing involved “Trump appointees to various financial agencies and institutions, including the Federal Reserve, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the National Credit Union Administration,” The Hill reported.

Waters said that President-elect Joe Biden’s win last week means “America decisively rejected President Trump,” instead choosing a “mandate to reverse the harmful policies of the Trump administration.”

“We are emerging from the dark days of the Trump administration into the dawn of a new progressive America, where pro-consumer and pro-investor policies will always be first on the agenda,” Waters said to finish off her opening remarks and passing things over to Republican North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, the minority party’s ranking member.

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“I don’t see this election outcome as this vote for the woke left policy agenda of house progressives,” McHenry said, responding to Waters’ statement. “Anything but that. We have more Republicans in the next Congress in the House of Representatives because, quite frankly, the far left went so far. And so, while you may have had some successes in the election, I don’t think it’s a wide endorsement of a far-left policy agenda that the chair noted.”

Before moving on, McHenry called for an end to “political potshots.”

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