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Mayoral hopeful, Andrew Yang, wants to track us with vaccine bar codes so we can move freely

Mayoral hopeful, Andrew Yang, wants to track us with vaccine bar codes so we can move freely

Former presidential candidate and potential New York City mayor — he says he’ll run — Andrew Yang — wants to assign a bar code to us when we get the vaccine.  He doesn’t see how we can have all these people at events otherwise.

He’s such an Orwellian control freak. Americans have to start rebelling. These bottom-feeding politicians and celebrities love this power way too much.



I was amazed by this, he does not mention BLM protests, do these not matter?

One has to wonder, is Andrew Yang going to demand that we get marks on our forehead or hand to show we were immunized, are we going to be cut off from shopping if we don’t? I recall of reading about this one time, that did not end up so well, is this where people like him want us to get to?

In the end, it looks like I was not the only one that had a problem with this, so did others.

While we understand there is a need to protect the public, there is also the case that we are a free country. Does the safety of a few outweigh our liberties? The founders thought not, yet the left has, again and again, demanded we submit in the name of the public good, to give our rights to them, they will control them, we must do as we should.

The question, in the end, is how deadly is this virus? We have seen many deaths but look at the national death rates before and after the virus. There is little difference; it quickly becomes apparent that fatalities, which had nothing to do with COVID, are attributed to it. This is like the other day, where people who died from gunshot wounds, the bullet holes were ignored, and the cause of death was listed as COVID related. 

One has to wonder, is this shut down really due to the virus, or this a opportunity by the left to seize power, they are the ones that said, “Never let a opportunity go to waste?”


Anyone that dares question the demands of the left are screamed at as science deniers.

Fifty years ago America would not have stood for this, today it seems that half this country is nothing but a bunch of sheep.

I had COVID, it was not fun, lost a friend of the family that meant a lot to me, a wonderful woman to COVID, but do we give up our freedoms over this? I refuse to!

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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