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Mayorkas – White Supremacists Are The Biggest Threat To America, We Beg To Differ, It is Radical Democrats

Mayorkas – White Supremacists Are The Biggest Threat To America, We Beg To Differ, It is Radical Democrats

Every time a Democrat speaks to a crowd, they ignore the radical threat from their flanks. Instead, they attack the other side as the biggest threat our democracy has ever faced. This was seen by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who said that White Supremecy was the greatest single threat to this nation at an Al Sharpton dinner.

We are seeing pandering to the left, where Al Sharpton has Leftist politicians kneeling to his alter to appease his constituents. Who does he say is the greatest threat to this nation? Why it is White Supremacist, of course, forget the group that has rioted across this nation caused many deaths, over $2 billion in damages. Yet, this group is peaceful, but there is one group that is very small in size that is a threat like nothing we have ever seen (at least according to them, it is).


According to the Poverty South Law Center, there are 917 radical hate groups, but remember, they consider groups that hold to biblical principles as hate groups, so we need to break this down further. This same group says there is less than half the figure, around 450 radicalized White Hate groups.

The question to ask then is, are these radical hate groups actively attacking others because of their race? The answer to that is no, but some are; these need to be condemned and dispatched or put in prison, but this number continues to dwindle as we get more and more into this.

There is no way to ascertain the numbers of each group. Still, since most are small groups, where there is much distrust of outsiders, we can assume the numbers are between 15 and 100 people in each group; even if you take the largest number, you are only looking at 45,000 individuals, although the number is most likely half of that.

One has to look at this group; what have they done over the last five years that makes them such a threat? Or are they more a small group of idiots who run their mouths but do little else?

According to the FBI’s reports from 2020:

Among the 11,129 hate crime offenses reported:

  • Crimes against persons: 69.6%
  • Crimes against property: 28.2%
  • Crimes against society: 2.2%

But this needs to be broken down further:

Known Offenders

Of the 6,780 known offenders:

  • 55.1% were White
  • 21.2% were Black or African American
  • 15.7% race unknown

Other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.

Of the 6,169 known offenders for whom ethnicity was reported:

  • 39.3% were Not Hispanic or Latino
  • 10.2% were Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.4% were in a group of multiple ethnicities
  • 48.1% ethnicity unknown

This number then needs to be looked at with the problem of cities now refusing to post figures based upon race; we can then break down the number of ethnicities unknown to be at least 50% African Americans, which the first figure shows.

But how does this compare to the overall US population?

  • Whites (non-Hispanic) make up almost 62% of the population
  • Hispanics make up 17.6% of the population
  • African Americans make up 12.3% of the population
  • Asians make up 5.3% of the population
  • Other minorities make up the other 2.8% of the population.

If you break down the rates of racist attacks by population, you start to see a huge problem here; it is not with whites, although they do commit more attacks, which makes since they make up over 60% of the population.

This is where you see the problem come in. Whites, which make up 62% of the population, are committing 39.3% of all attacks, if we were following stats to the population, it would make sense that this number would be at 62%, but it is almost half of this.

Blacks, who make up 12.3% of the population, are committing over 21% of all racist attacks; this would put them at almost double what their percentage of the population is.

Hispanics and Asians, who make up 17% of the population, like the whites, are only committing 10% of race-based attacks. Asians, who make up 5.3% of the citizens, only commit such a low number; if they were included in the numbers, they would have had to register 1%, which they don’t.

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This then begs the question, who is the biggest danger coming from? Is it whites? They are committing the greatest number, but are they a threat to this nation? I beg to differ, we find only one race is committing far more race-based crimes in relation to their population numbers, and that would be racist attacks by Blacks, so why isn’t this mentioned at all?

While White Supremacist is a problem, and no one denies this, they aren’t the ones that burned their way across America two years ago, looting and rioting as they went; BLM and their supporters would have done this, I would say, by damage done, this group is the greatest danger to America, and in sitting in support of them are the Democrats, that is who we should be looking at as the greatest threat.

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