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McCabe is Gone, Now Is The Time To Take Care Of The Rest!

McCabe is Gone, Now Is The Time To Take Care Of The Rest!

We all heard the news, ex-Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe was fired a day before he was scheduled to retire with enhanced benefits, thus stripping him of this ability. Naturally, the liberal press exploded, said this was a vindictive firing, but the firing had little to do with Trump, other then McCabe acted outside of the law to try to unseat a duly elected president, it was due to the Inspector General’s recommendation, an action that is rarely taken, it shows the seriousness of what was committed that it was acted on. Although the full details are not yet released, as such it would be wrong to speculate with little or no information, we do know that only in the most serious cases is such a thing done, by what we have heard when the Inspector General’s report comes out there could be criminal action taken. 

So is this it? Is this all there is? Of course not, reporting agencies like AP act like this was most likely not justified, still pushing the so-called collusion, even though to date not a shred of proof has come up, seems they have the same issue with fake news that CNN has. We have seen the leftist press, a group that used to say they were the beacon of light to expose government corruption, now are in bed with the corruption itself, helping aid in the spread of the story. We hear that the press is protected, they are the guardians of this democracy, but what do you do when the media itself is aiding deep state actors? I say any protection they enjoy at that point should be stripped from them. 

But is this enough? I looked at the case with Meuller earlier; we found out he was put in place due to maneuvers by then FBI director Comey and now we are finding out that his deputy director was equally involved with this, so is firing enough? And what about the rest of the players, to what end should we go to clean this all up? I usually ask liberals, “If you had during the Bush administration a group of actors that felt Obama was a threat to our democracy and found out they acted to stop him from being elected, and if that failed would have done anything to strip him of office how would have you reacted? Would you have demanded that an investigation into such a travesty be looked into, that no one is left untouched, for such a subversion of democracy, should it have had been able to stand?” 

Without fail they refuse to answer the question, they will either frantically try to change the subject or will try to justify the acts of these people, say the two would have no bearing with each other. The reason they do this? It is due to the fact that most liberals today are incapable of being honest with themselves or anyone else, they seem to think that they are justified to lie or deceive in the name of what they see as the better good, but the worst part, they will even lie to themselves to justify this action. 

So what needs to be done? We need to go person by person involved in this, I don’t care if this reaches all the way up to Obama, we need to investigate, expose their hand in this subversion of our democracy, after being exposed we need to bring them all up on charges, one of them being the charge of sedition. I think no one should be spared; we need to restore confidence in the government and the rule of law, if we are going to let some people go due to position then the law is shown to be unequal in its application, that is never acceptable. 

So who do we look at? I would first start with the weaponizing of the intel services that Obama had put in place, we need one or more special counsels with the legal authority to prosecute to start there, we need to look at  James R. Clapper, James ComeyHillary Clinton,  Loretta LynchDenis McDonough, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, John O. Brennan. We need to look at Obama’s special counsel, then start to dig even further, this is like a cancer eating this democracy from within, we have two choices, either remove it through legal means, or if we sit and do nothing, risk losing this republic, for what was done goes beyond sedition, this is much deeper then just a protest against a person you don’t think should be president, you violated the trust of the American people, the very ones who trusted in you when they put Obama and his team into office. 

There are some things that need to be done, first, we need to look at Meuller, look at the reasons he was hired into the position he was in, for all things now are pointing to this being done due to the corrupt and illegal actions of Comey and McCabe, a fake dossier that should never have had even been used as evidence, and last, we need to look at Rosenstein, figure out what hand he had in all of this, so far what I see I don’t like, if he is found with a hand in any of this, even unwittingly, he needs to go. 

This is going to get ugly, if Trump and his administration, along with Congress is willing, we could dig into this until we start to expose all, but as more and more dirt is brought up, this will come at a risk, for as this is done the press, the far left that is involved with this, and deep state actors will become more and more concerned about what they see happening to others, and what may end up happening to themselves, they are going to act in all their power to stop this, for once it gets started no one may be spared that had their hands in this corrupt cookie jar. You will see the irrelevant press, the leftist mouthpieces becoming more and more shrill in their attacks, for they fear nothing worse than having their dirty laundry exposed to the world. 

We as Americans need to demand this is done, as patriotic Americans, we need to let the forces of evil, the liberal deep state actors know that we will stand up to them, we will fight for this nation, in so doing we can take back what is rightfully ours, the great country that was the beacon of light to the world, now it is just a tarnished flashlight playing like it has a moral right while rotting from within. 


We are still looking at more funding to get Silent No More Going. I have paid for the domain name, paid out advertising, but we need more if we are going to get this going. We need at least 2,000 to pay for website design, I paid some to get it started, but my funding is finite with me paying for this site out of my pocket as well. Any help would be appreciated. 

Our dream is to put togather a website that first list stances of where both sides are standing for the elections, would like to see both candidates post what they have to present, let you decide who is the best to vote for. Further, I have seen the left put out lists of companies that stand with conservatives, singers and actors as well, inform their people to boycott these products, thus forcing these companies to bend to their will, it is time we start doing this ourselves. If a musician wants to disrespect all of us that voted for Trump, maybe it is time to boycott them. Stars that want to belittle us, maybe we should in mass refuse to see their films. Companies that want to support liberal causes and turn their back on us, maybe we should turn our back on purchasing anything from them. It is time for us to be heard, no more the Silent Majority, we need to be Silent No More


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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