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Meltdown Over Trump Calling For Stripping Security Clearance Of Obama’s Cronies.

Meltdown Over Trump Calling For Stripping Security Clearance Of Obama’s Cronies.

We watched the news yesterday, and the day before, the left was outraged over the Trump suggestion that maybe it was a good thing to strip the security clearance of the pundits on MSNBC, CNN and others, who once held high rank in the US intel and government posts, still maintain this clearance while they have lied under oath to the Congress, have used their clearance to comment on the news, have outright worked to undermine the current administration, going so far as to call the president a traitor.

What is more, when confronted with this, the ones that are currently under a microscope are acting like this is petty, like they are entitled to a security clearance for the rest of their lives, meanwhile it was these same people complaining that passed laws stripping Obama’s critics of their security clearance, can we say hypocrite?

But is this something new, losing a security clearance for leaking classified material? I would say in the case of Brennon, Clapper, Comey, one needs to look no further than Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright who had his security clearance stripped from him after suspicion of leaking intel on the US and Israeli attack on Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities with the Stuxnet computer virus. This was not with hardly a word state, in fact, the Congress and the left were silent on this, amazing how times change.

I think with Brennon, Clapper, Comey all under investigation, have shown moves of wrongdoing, stripping them of their security clearance while they are being investigated for possible crimes is the only sensible thing to do. And then you have Susan Rice, the Obama face of lies, the one that went around and lied her head off over Benghazi and other such scandals, why she maintained her job, let alone her security clearance is beyond me. But I ask further, does Clinton still have her’s, and if so, why? We saw open collusion between her and the Russians, the Russian dossier that was passed off and used to attack Trump, done on her own campaign money. Maybe we should tell our president to include her is this.

What is worse, the traitors from the never Trump GOP members, members like Sen. Bob Corker who came out an compared the stripping of these corrupt officials to Venezuela, seems this fool has not only a traitor to his party but a liar and idiot as well. Glad to see him delegated to the inept fools now sitting in the dustbin of history in just a few months.

While one expected this response from the left, they are always acting either entitled or like victims, the GOP members doing this is without excuse, all I can hope is America wakes up and makes sure these people can’t even get elected to dog catcher in the future.

And the response from the left, how about we let them show you:

“I think this is just a very, very petty thing to do,” Clapper said.


The good thing is some of the GOP members along with the press agreed with this, move when the Speaker of the house was asked on this, he correctly said, that was not congresses mandate to pursue this, it was not part of their job.

What we see once more, the swamp as it is being exposed is fighting back, like all life, when threatened it will strike back, do everything it can to destroy. Trump is out to destroy the deep state, the deep state is fighting for its life, don’t expect things to get better, as time goes on the left will turn more and more desperate as they and the press not only see the American people have rejected their stances, they will even get worse as they start to look at their power being taken from them, people exposed, and this whole swamp drained the way it should be.

But have patience, this will take time, what is needed now is to ensure Trump has the support he needs, we need to vote out GOP members like Corker, also get rid of every Democrat we can.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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