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Member of British Parliament Admits, Lockdowns Are For Social Control

Member of British Parliament Admits, Lockdowns Are For Social Control

In Britain, Graham Brady, Chairman of the Tory 1922 Committee and member of Parliament, has written an op-ed for the Daily Mail. He made it very clear that the purpose of the lockdowns is to impose social control to reduce COVID. He has pointed out that this is approaching what is known as Stockholm Syndrome, where the greater the control to which people are subjected, the greater the dependence people develop. I have been warning about this because this is the precise talk behind the curtain. Brady has the courage to come out, and the Daily Mail has the courage to let him speak. For months, there are those in various governments who KNOW what is really going on but have been afraid to come out and speak.


This new period of a dark era that our computer has been projecting for August-October 2021 is shaping up as an all-out assault on the UNVACCINATED. This is likely to result in a continued rise in civil unrest, and it is becoming a real battle for freedom. Pension funds need 8% to break even generally. The problem with those in government is that they are COMPLETELY incompetent to manage the economy, no less intervening in it to stabilize anything. By lowering interest rates to NEGATIVE in 2014 in Europe, they NEVER considered that under their Socialist policies, pension funds are mandated to buy government bonds. They have recently wiped out pension funds and know they are on the brink of financial disaster, for the ECB cannot raise interest rates without blowing up the member state budgets. They never see that lowering interest rates to negative will have a ripple effect throughout everything else.

Schwab is preaching to destroy capitalism as we know it and “BUILD BACK BETTER,” which means you must first destroy it to build it back better. Because of this view of climate change, they want to end commuting to work and imprison us in our homes — hence lockdowns.

Anyone who dares to connect the dots is labeled “conspiracy theorist,” so they NEVER have to address the issue. All of these events are just coincidental, and there is, according to mainstream media, absolutely no connection, and no agenda. The New York Times even declared the “Great Rest” was a conspiracy theory. The mainstream media is promoting the destruction of capitalism and our way of life. They have already made that judgment. The comedian Bill Burr calls CNN the “America-hating blowhards,” for they have become so against the people it is mindblowing.

When a government, or governments, want to control the masses, more so masses that are used to having rights afforded them, they know they have to inject fear. Mind-numbing fear will cause people who held rights as sacred to give them up if this means that what they fear the most is being battled.

The goal is exactly as he stated, if the government can control the masses, they, in turn, can force dependence, such as we saw with the stimulus bills, unemployment payments so high that people would rather stay at home than face the possibility of coming into contact with someone that has COVID.

Today we have people with no one around, walking down a street with the nearest person twenty feet away, yet they live in such fear they are wearing face masks, face shields, will not face another person for fear of this disease. I remember a famous American once said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Today we have turned into a nation of mice, where we are now saying, “Forget death, please take my liberties.”


Meanwhile, our socialist leaders in Government are trying their best to burden this nation down with crushing debts, now asking for over $10 trillion in stimulus, monthly payments of $2,000. Add to this; they want to defund the police yet strip you of your right to protect yourself.

But there is good news out of this. Support for these politicians is plummeting, resistance towards government tyranny is starting to rise. Despite control by fascist-like tactics with Facebook and Twitter, Google, Amazon, and YouTube, we see alternative social network sites where free speech is permitted and actively encouraged.

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