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The Memo – What We Learned From It, The DNC And The Press

The Memo – What We Learned From It, The DNC And The Press

The memo came out, it wasn’t earth-shattering, for the most part, it put names and connections to what we already knew, but how the press and the left reacted was far, far more revealing, it exposes both for what they have become. 

The memo showed us that Intel that was outright false and misleading, a British agent who had no business interfering in our elections fake and deceptive material he had gathered was used to obtain FISA warrants against Trump associates, and this was done through lying and omitting of the truth. I showed us how characters, which we already knew were dirty, that were in the upper management of the FBI and Justice Department was violating the law, for they thought the political needs outweighed the rules that were put in place to prevent them from doing precisely what they did. 

What is more, even after he was let go by the FBI because they found his material unreliable, the players in this conspiracy, Ohr, and others, they worked with him as he leaked information to the press, then they passed through the justice department the same material to bring about circular evidence, something that should never have had been done. Not only was the view of impropriety broken wide open, which the people are told from day one is not allowed, but they also violated the law and colluded with the press to get this material out so they could present false information to the judges on the FISA court, this is a criminal act. 

You had Pelosi say that the GOP was lying to the American people, then yelled that the release did nothing but take away from the investigation. I love how she says that releasing the memo would affect our national security, then screams about doing what she has done from day one, politicizing the material. So I must ask, she said that the memo was a lie, well Nancy, we have seen it, tell us what is not true in it?

I love how the press then continues to say this was a Republican released memo, as if that by itself somehow takes away from what was contained in it, seems like CNN is taking their orders for talking points from the DNC. For some reason, this is explained as an attack against the FBI and Justice Department by the GOP, but that is not the case, we the people have a right to know if the laws are being abused, this used to be something the press would fight for, sadly not any longer. 

While watching Tucker last night, he had a guest on his show saying that Page was under investigation since 2013 due to the Russians tried to recruit him. Tucker then asks, can you show that Page was guilty of committing some misdeed or illegal act, was he working with the Russians, of course, he couldn’t get an answer. Instead, the congressman tried to say by asking somehow Tucker was guilty of working for Putin and the Russians. 

Did this memo give us a smoking gun? Of course not, but it did expose to what lengths the actors in this memo were willing to go, what laws they were ready to break to prevent what they saw as a travesty to the American way of life, Trump ascending to the office of the presidency. What is even more damning, and at this point, one could argue they were involved in acts of sedition, they continued this after he was already elected, then together with Comey and others sought to then put in place a special counsel that was set up off a fake report, this was to unseat a duly elected president, that my friends is an act of treason. 

What is worse, the press supporting the left has been shown to not only be part of this but then when the memo was to be released rather than fighting for the opening of the memo for all to see, they screamed that doing so was somehow unpatriotic, a danger to the nation and that by so doing we were attacking the whole of the FBI and Justice department itself. You can see this in the excerpts at the beginning of the Tucker video.

I remember during the Nixon’s Watergate the press was determined that the government’s secrecy was harming the people, we had a right to know what was going on other than with matters that were vital for national security. The classification of material, which Nixon was doing, and the use of organizations within the government as weapons of his choosing, such as the IRS intimidating and auditing these reporters or others that dared to speak out against the president was something they exposed, said we should never tolerate. But it is not this way now, now they are arguing for the very thing they used to fight against. 

Amazing how things have changed, it used to be the left fought for things to be put in the light, now they are fighting for all they are worth to prevent precisely this. What is more, our politicians make accusations from the left but ask for proof, you get slammed for daring to even ask the question, than are told we have no right to know what we know, somehow that endangers our country.

We have been sold a false bill of sale, the media has played along with this, in many cases even openly colluded with the DNC to present this. The press that used to be the light in the night that would expose the government and keep it in check, they are now so deep in the pocket of the left that we no longer can tell where the DNC ends and the press starts. The big three are dead, CNN has joined them, like zombies they are still animated, but they have done nothing but further bury themselves. With their inability to look at the Trump presidency with an open mind, if Trump is not convicted of collusion with the Russians, which at this point there is nothing pointing to this, they will have lost the last bit of credibility they had left. 

The nation right now is at a tipping point, you have such animosity between the left and the right that it is starting to harm this nation. While the left loves to blame Trump, there are no bases in this, rather it is on them, from the day after he won the election they have thrown fits because they felt they were somehow robbed of what they thought was rightfully theirs, they are determined to take revenge, even if it means it is done over the ashes of this nation. They would happily watch this nation be destroyed if it means they have their revenge, that is not just throwing a fit, the left has become an enemy of this nation, we need to start fixing this by removing every one of them doing this.



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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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