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Breaking News, Memo To Be Released

Breaking News, Memo To Be Released

In a move that is shaking Washington, has leadership that was placed in by the Obama Administration we now see the whole plot to unseat dutifully elected officials was seditiously done by key leadership personnel in the Obama White House, the leadership of the FBI and the Justice Department. The threat of release of the Nunes memo is causing shock waves through the DNC and is causing activist that was working for them in the intel, justice and FBI halls to run for cover.

This memo not created out of a vacuum by House Intel Chairman Nunes, due to sensitive nature of intel gone over his staff kept notes exposing the level of high-level interference by the FBI, Intel Community and Justice Leadership in the elections of a now sitting president. This as far as we know has never been done in the history of the nation, and though I am sure there are outstanding loyal FBI and Justice workers in both departments, I have to question what the management was doing and how they thought they had the right to do such a thing.

So what is in the memo?

At this point we aren’t sure, we have heard talk that what was seen is written down exposing collusion on the highest ranks to try to stop Trump from taking office, and if he did to prevent him from holding the office. If the Mueller special counsel was started off from a false premise then it should not have been started to start with, and as such should be shut down.

No one is arguing over the emails and the validity of them, but what you now see is the emails showing this are being dismissed as just verbal bellyaching by two lovers. There is one very big problem with this claim, these two lovers were directly involved with the investigation of Trump, were also involved in dismissing any charges against Clinton. Further, their open bias towards Clinton calls into question their objectivity. One has a right to ask if this has gone beyond words into an act of sedition.

You need to ask yourself, what is the right of any none elected official to interfere with the will of the people, seems they forget they are there to serve the needs of the nation, that is our need, not their own or whatever party they are affiliated with.

We had members as shown above saying that daring to investigate what the FBI was doing is unpatriotic, but I beg to differ, it is because of our love for this nation that we are watching to make sure that constitutional rule is not being done away with. When organizations within the government think they are above the law, that they have the right to violate personal freedoms in the name of political bias, this is an assault on the very core of what our nation was built upon.

I love how Schumer yells about conspiracy theories, yet he is the staunchest supporter of the greatest one, the attacks against Trump over supposed Russian collusion, a claim that to date has yet to provide a shred of proof to back this up.

We then have the new wrinkle, that the memo now has been changed, but it was corrected with just grammatical wise at the request of the other Democrat members of the House committee, then when it was done they ran to the press saying that it was changed, so now they have violated the vote, so it should not be released. One has to wonder, why this irrational fear of the memo, what is within it? And don’t bother asking the Democrats, they are quick to denounce it, yet very few of them have bothered to view it.

Sadly what we have been left with by Obama upon leaving office is a corruption that has oozed into the ranks of the FBI, Justice Department and the Intel community. The leadership place by the left completely politicized these organizations, one has to ask, what good are they if they are going to be so politically biased? They are supposed to be handling themselves in a way that is as politically neutral as possible, sadly this is not the case now. Further, with the Senate refusing to pass through appointees by the Trump administration a year later they still are keeping in place Obama appointees that are effectively trying to run interference.

Sadly, what we have today is a corruption that is rotting these organizations from the top down. They have decided that their petty politics overweigh their duty to the nation,, to be an impartial tool of justice, not a party hack. And where did this come from? Both parties share guilt in this, but this exploded under the Obama administration when these departments. We have seen open defiance of the constitution, the refusal to submit to Congress as they are mandated to do under the constitution, when one organization feels they are above the law, either we need to shut down the whole place or at least shake it so the rotten fruit falls out so as to keep them from causing their decay to spread to the rest.

What is more, the denouncements by the Democrats are growing more shrill as the memo is being released, aren’t these the same people yelling in outrage that no stone should be not overturned in the investigation of Trump, but when corruption and violation of law is found that is dirtying their hands, they suddenly want nothing to do with it.



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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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