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#MeToo Going After Elderly Folks Now

#MeToo Going After Elderly Folks Now

Many of us have dealt with the elderly in old folks homes, I am sure many of us have horror stories we could tell. Seems lately #Metoo has found it fashionable to try to attack people that are not in full control of their mental facilities, as I had written before, it is going from something that was empowering to something out of control.

I personally remember one, when my Grandmother, G-d rest her soul, was in a nursing home, I would stop on the way to work a couple of times a week to see her, didn’t like the idea of others leaving loved ones in and never visiting them, my Grandmother wasn’t going to be like that.  There was a woman named Alice who for some reason thought I was her long-lost husband. every time I would run into her, she would call me by her husband’s name, then try to push me into her room while trying to take her clothes off. I swear there was a couple of times I almost went blind.

My grandmother was having none of that, she would be screaming at her to leave her grandson alone, she was just a nasty old lady, what was she doing taking her clothes off like that, poor Alice was so confused she would just cry, I was so embarrassed I would tell grandmother when I finally got away maybe we should go elsewhere, would push her in her wheelchair as fast as I dared, did not want to hang around and see more . Although this may have been traumatizing to a 20-year-old at no time though did I think I was a victim, that Alice should have been publically humiliated, she simply did not know better, yet today if she was a guy, #MeToo would have publically called such an action out.

Stan Lee, the latest victim is going through this, at 95 years old, his nurse came out and said he has grabbed her and has demanded sex of her. One has to wonder if you are work in such a field should you be releasing to the public such details? And at 95 is Stan Lee in control of his mental facilities? Could he have Alzheimer’s, maybe dementia, or just the normal regression of the mind that many see in 95-year-olds? Is this what the movement has gone to, we are going to start attacking the very old, maybe bring to the open and humiliate the families of people in old folks homes?

I will say as I end this, there is no reason for a mentally fit person to abuse a woman sexually in any way, but there has to be a point where this has gone on too far. If the #MeToo movement is not careful, they could end up being another movement that started great, then fell into the trash heaps of history as they were abused rather then used for good intent.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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