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#MeToo And Liberals Take On The Mantle Of McCarthyism

#MeToo And Liberals Take On The Mantle Of McCarthyism

Living in Wisconsin, one of the historical facts we have always been shamed about is the history of Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism, the liberal left has shoved this down our throat for years, used the lessons learned from this to lecture us on trying to destroy someone with a label, not giving them a chance to defend themselves.

What happened was in the 1950’s with the communist scare, just an accusation would have you drug before the Senate, and the onus would be on your to convince them of your innocence, kind of the same thing we see today with #MeToo, no longer is anyone presumed innocent until guilt is shown, you are guilty by the accusation, thus we are back to the early American Salem Witch Trials.

What is more amazing, we are told that as men, we have no right to do anything but accept the guilt, we have no place to speak because we are collectively guilty, this is just more stupidity, like “White Privilege”, where your skin color, or in this case your gender is enough to make you guilty, McCarthyism meets up with liberals.

I guess now you are guilty if you are a man by the new logic of the left, it does not matter if you find the accusation questionable, the accuser does not know the day, the place, even the year this happened, but somehow she remembered who it was after seeing him put up for nomination to the Supreme Court, this now is enough for a conviction by the left as they try to stop this with McCarthyism type tactics.

We have Mr. Touchy and Feely, Joe Biden who loves to tell people about their guilt, but he is one of the worst offenders of groping women, amazing how he ignores what he has done, but is so quick to point his fingers at others.


What is more amazing, he is demanding that the FBI investigate this, says that the only way to prove no guilt is to have this investigation, but has he always felt this way? Turns out when the investigation is not in the direction he wishes, or the findings were not as he demanded he said this:

I find it somewhat amazing, the people demanding that they receive due justice, now are the ones in the forefront demand others don’t. When a movement such as #MeToo has become politicized, and it has, it loses all legitimacy, but this goes deeper than this. When McCarthy type tactics are used, then it needs to die, no one is guilty until the guilt is provided, doesn’t matter what forum this is in, this is the bedrock of our society. To demand that someone a sexual crime accusation voids this, makes light of the cases where things were actually done.

I have one message for these people from #MeToo and from the Liberal Left, be careful, ever hear of the boy that cried wolf, you do this too much, and this has been, soon no one is going to care to listen any longer. Sadly McCarthyism is alive and well, just has changed hands, now the left has picked this up and are trying to run with it.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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