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Miami Rolls Out New Name for Human Rights Day: Anti-Communism Day

Miami Rolls Out New Name for Human Rights Day: Anti-Communism Day

If Democrats are wondering why they lost Florida in the 2020 presidential election, a look at the state’s large Cuban population would be a great place to start.

More specifically, the party’s consulting class should take a look at how those who have suffered, directly or indirectly, at the hands of Marxist authoritarianism, handled this year’s Human Rights Day — a holiday that’s been celebrated around the world every year on Dec. 10 to mark the date in 1948 on which the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In Miami on Thursday, the world’s day for recognizing the sanctity of human life was given another name this year.

Mayor Francis Suarez, a Cuban-American and a Republican, announced the city was also celebrating the day as “Anti-Communism Day.”

“Today, we commemorate not only our God-given human rights and the universal call of freedom but we stand firmly against the enemy of those freedoms—Communism. Therefore, it is fitting, that we proclaim Human Rights Day as Anti-Communism Day in the City of Miami,” Suarez tweeted Thursday.

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WPLG-TV reported many from the city’s vast Cuban population took to Miami’s historic Freedom Tower that day to celebrate human rights and to disavow Cuba’s now six decades of communist rule.

The Freedom Tower building was somewhat of an Ellis Island for Cubans who fled Fidel Castro’s brutality beginning in the 1960s. From 1962 to 1974, it was known as the Cuban Assistance Center, and was used to process Cuban refugees seeking asylum from the brutality of the communist regime just 103 miles from American shores in Florida.

Cuban-born anti-communist activist Rosa Maria Paya led the demonstration at the Freedom Tower with other activists, and even met with Suarez, WLPG reported. Paya told the outlet the gathering was “a call for solidarity and for action” against Cuba’s still-oppressive government.

The young woman believes her father was murdered by the Castro regime for being a dissident. Many Cuban-Americans can share similar stories.

The Thursday event in Miami, and the sentiment behind it, was arguably more significant than simply being a gathering of people opposed to the Castros or to current Cuban head of state Miguel Díaz-Canel. If you look at Florida’s voting patterns from Nov. 3, you get the feeling that many Cuban-Americans are sending a message to all those who embrace Marxist ideologies.

While other battleground states made a mockery of the election, Florida was called by the end of the evening on Election Day, thanks in large part to a very competent elections system. The results of the election in one of Florida’s key counties tell a story, and it isn’t a good one for some Democrats who have embraced politics similar to those that made Cuba a violator of human rights.

President Donald Trump, an anti-communist in every sense of the word, significantly increased his vote total in Miami-Dade, Florida’s largest county. Democrat Joe Biden, meanwhile, underperformed Hillary Clinton.

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“In Miami-Dade in 2016, about 623,000 people voted for Clinton against under 333,000 for Trump. In 2020, as of midnight, about 10,000 fewer people voted for Biden, while Trump gained nearly 200,000 more votes,” the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

Trump lost the heavily Democratic county by only about 7 percentage points, which is as close to a win for a Republican presidential candidate as you can get. Still, the increase in support in the county pushed Trump way ahead of Biden to again nab the state’s 29 electoral votes.

It’s estimated that Florida’s large Hispanic community helped him to keep Florida red in 2020 and to increase his overall margin of victory in the state over 2016.

Trump won Florida by more than 3 percentage points, according to The New York Times.

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a woman arguably responsible for turning Hispanic voters away from Democrats, spent a portion of her evening on Nov. 3 arguing online that she’d seen Democrats were vulnerable with Hispanics.

“I won’t comment much on tonight’s results as they are evolving and ongoing, but I will say we’ve been sounding the alarm about Dem vulnerabilities w/ Latinos for a long, long time. There is a strategy and a path, but the necessary effort simply hasn’t been put in,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

The message Hispanic Americans sent likely went right over the heads of AOC and other new-wave Democrats who have championed their brand of radical, so-called “democratic socialism.”

While coastal elites in New York, California, Washington and other places might be friendly toward the Democrats’ embracing of Marxist ideologies, those who have been affected by them apparently aren’t interested in experiencing the nightmare again.

Communism has scarred countless families in South Florida, where authoritarianism is still lurking south, just below the waves on the horizon.

While activists in some of those other states have gathered this year with a message calling for the system which made America a place for refuge and prosperity to be torn down, much of South Florida’s Cuban population spent this Thursday celebrating Anti-Communism Day.

Cuban-Americans, like millions of others across the globe, understand that communist and Marxist ideologies are and always have been the greatest threat to human rights.

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