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Michael Bloomberg: Trump Takes ‘White Supremacists As Allies’

Michael Bloomberg: Trump Takes ‘White Supremacists As Allies’

Former Democratic primary candidate Michael Bloomberg said President Donald Trump takes “white supremacists as allies” in a speech during the final evening of Democratic National Convention.

“The two people running for president couldn’t be more different,” Bloomberg said at the convention. “One believes in facts, one does not. One listens to experts, the other thinks he knows everything. One looks forward and sees strength in America’s diversity, the other looks backwards and sees immigrants as enemies and white supremacists as allies.”

Bloomberg also criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and said 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would know how to lead during a crisis.

“Here’s another difference: one has proven he knows how to handle a crisis by helping to lead the economic turnaround after the 2008 recession, while the other has not only failed to lead,” he continued. “He has made the current crisis much worse. When confronted with the biggest calamity any president has faced in the modern era, Donald Trump spent the year downplaying the threat, ignoring science and recommending quack cures,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg also spent the duration of his speech blaming the president for the economic calamity facing small businesses.

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“Would you rehire or work for someone who ran your business into the ground, and who always does what’s best for him or her even when it hurts the company, and who’s reckless decisions put you in danger, and who spends more time tweeting than working? If the answer is no, why the hell would we ever rehire Donald Trump for another four years?”

The former presidential hopeful criticized Trump for “leaving behind customers and contractors” when he “ran his businesses into the ground.”


Bloomberg briefly ran a self-funded presidential campaign seeking the Democratic nomination, but dropped out of the race in March and endorsed Biden.

Several staff members of his former campaign workers complained that he did not follow through on his promises, according to NPR. Some allege they were promised high-paying jobs and benefits throughout the election year, but the promise has reportedly reneged after Bloomberg dropped out of the race, NPR reported.

Bloomberg was highly criticized by his opponents for his “stop and frisk” policies in during his time as New York City mayor, and has been accused of mandating non-disclosure agreements to conceal sexual abuse in the ranks of his employees, according to The Hill.

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