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Michelle/Sherrod turned to By Establishment To Stop Bernie

Michelle/Sherrod turned to By Establishment To Stop Bernie

With Bloomberg tanking, the Democrats in full panic are now turning outside the current crop of contenders to find someone, anyone to unseat Bernie, and take the Democratic Nomination for President. Yesterday’s candidate Bloomberg is not working out so now comes Sherrod Brown and Michelle Obama, to try to draw some of the Barack Obama support in that was seen years ago, but will this work?

While the establishment within the left loves Michelle, she is one of the most despised figures on the right, I would say bringing her in as a running mate would ensure that the Trump base is fired up more then what they are now, and the undecides that are not fan of her constant victimization would turn to the Trump camp, even if they weren’t before.

In a way, we should be relieved, the Democrats have floated ideas of having Pelosi run, we could have a drunk in the oval office, guess after Clinton and his cigars this may be a step up.

In a way, we should be relieved, the Democrats have floated ideas of having Pelosi run, we could have a drunk in the oval office, guess after Clinton and his cigars this may be a step up.

Remember, Michelle, who with her husband, went to services at Rev. Wright’s church, where he was known to go off on hateful and racist attacks against Whites. She excused his attacks as him just being a cranky older man, can you imagine the outrage if someone justified members of the KKK as simply being angry white older men? Yet, for some reason, this is acceptable that this is done for this hateful and racist preacher.

This should not come as a surprise; the whole White Privilege narrative came about during the Obama terms in office. Remember the other day asking an African American gentleman who was accusing others of “White Privilege,” why he was so racist. He told me this was not racist; it was a statement of fact. I thought about it for a moment, and asked, “How about we reverse this?”

Upon being given the affirmative, I asked, “How about we say that all blacks, because of their inherent qualities, due to their ‘blackness,’ are lazy, useless, and criminals?”

Naturally, he started to scream that I was a racist, then I told him, “This is not what I support, it was the platform of the DNC in the south in the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and the ’60s, they set up Jim Crow Laws due to these beliefs, that there was something wrong with people with dark skin color, they need to contain them. So, how is one any different than the other?”

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This is where the problem comes in; it’s what the left and Michelle want to bring back to this nation, to enforce this, claim that being white is somehow guilt of association due to an accident of birth. This was rejected in 2016; we were tired of being lectured about racism while the other side did nothing but use racist tropes to accuse their racist attacks.

For eight years, we were lectured by a president about our lack of morals, why to protect against whites, we needed to take rights due to our belief in the three G’s (guns, G-d, and Gays). This attack always showed me how little the left understood us, they though during the Obama years people had issue with gay people, we didn’t, we just thought the constitution said the states, not the courts should decide on such matters, if your gay, good for you, there is no issue with this. Guns are seen as a constitutional right, no rights should ever be infringed, and our faith is something they can’t understand.

The difference of philosophy is that if you don’t believe in a higher power, that is your issue, we aren’t like some Middle Eastern radical (the very ones that Democrats are so fond of defending), that wish to force you to convert, this is personal, it is merely not our business. Yet the other side thinks they have a right to strip belief, attack for daring to have our morals grounded in faith, all while lecturing us from what they believe is a morally superior position. This is what the left and Michelle never understood.

This led to the Trump victory in 2016, something that, to this day, the Democrats are still scratching their heads over. This lack of understanding, resulting in the move towards the extreme left within the DNC, the party seems to be embracing this. Still, the leadership knows that this will not win an election, they will lose the center, the ones that decide elections, thus the casting about for Michelle or anyone to save the party from its demise.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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