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Michigan School’s Equity’ Training Calls ‘Objectivity’ A Form Of White Supremacy

Michigan School’s Equity’ Training Calls ‘Objectivity’ A Form Of White Supremacy

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Superintendent attended an “equity learning” seminar, which taught school leaders that objectivity, among other traits, is a characteristic of white supremacy.

According to a post from AAPS Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift, on Feb. 13, she attended an equity seminar led by the organization Equity Leaders. In the course, district leaders were shown a slide describing the “characteristics of white supremacy culture.” Characteristics included but were not limited to perfectionism, a sense of urgency, defensiveness, fear of open conflict, individualism, and objectivity.


@A2SchoolsSuper via Twitter

The preceding screenshot listed character traits that individuals should pursue to create a “culture of love.” Traits included being patient, caring, trusting, selfless, honest, forgiving, and committed.

Another slide gave “antidotes” to the alleged characteristics of white supremacy culture. The slide was titled “dismantling oppressive culture and behavior.” Traits that were considered part of “white supremacy culture” were listed in the left column, and “antidotes” to these traits were listed in the right column.

The guide encouraged district leaders to focus on being “patient, caring, and trusting” instead of focusing on objectivity. In parentheses, it called for leaders to see different perspectives in place of seeing objectivity.

@A2SchoolsSuper via Twitter

In a tweet, Swift specifically thanked Luvelle Brown and Morton Sherman for leading the program. Brown is the superintendent of the Ithaca City School District. He recently retweeted pictures of fourth-graders learning the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter at school.

Black Lives Matter’s “13 Guiding Principles” call for queer and transgender affirmation and “restorative justice,” among other priorities. The guide calls for the dismantling of the “patriarchal practice” of requiring mothers to parent their children while also participating in “justice work.” The 13 principles guide also asks school districts to commit themselves to “Black Villages,” which calls for the “disruption” of the nuclear family’s idea and refers to children as communal children.

Sherman is the associate executive director of the School Superintendent Association, which helped put on the equity training.

The training was put on by an organization called Equity Leaders, which “specializes in engaging leaders in male-dominated industries to champion gender equity as well as broader diversity [and] inclusion.” Males gave the training.


According to the Equity Leaders website, a 60-minute session with the group costs $1,150, a 90-minute session costs $1,550, a 120-minute session costs $1,950, and a “half-day” session costs $3,900. The organization also offers a $21,000 “equity-focused leadership program” delivered over six months.

Equity Leaders is among many individuals and companies who have profited from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion industry. These companies sell products and services to schools and institutions to help them become acceptably “anti-racist,” while many are owned and operated by white people.

The Washington Free Beacon report uncovered that the author of “White Fragility,” Robin DiAngelo, made over $2 million from her book on “anti-racism” and charged $30,000 for a 60-90 minute keynote speech. Half-day events cost $40,000.

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