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Military Showing Freedom of Religion Unacceptable

Military Showing Freedom of Religion Unacceptable

Chaplain Scott Squires a highly decorated Chaplin for the military, who is ordained by the Southern Baptist was asked to go on a military marriage retreat while stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. When he found out that same-sex marriages were going to be performed, he declined due to the Southern Baptist refuse to allow any ordained minister to perform such marriages, so he arranged for another Chaplin to go, this was unacceptable to the military, they are ending his career because of it.

The problem with this is the catch 22 this Chaplin was placed in, if he had performed the marriage, he would have had his title stripped from him by the Southern Baptist Church, he didn’t, so the military is removing him of his right to serve. One has to ask, why isn’t this explained, then explained to the people ordained by these churches that they can’t serve? What you have here is not an ability to act, it is more the political correctness we saw put in place by the Military stripping our Chaplin’s from working in a way that doesn’t violate their faith.

What is more, I have searched since this story broke, yet I can find no cases where a Muslim Chaplin was forced to do the same, why is that? This whole policy came about when Obama decided to move his political correctness to the Military, then moved to swiftly implement this policy, regardless of what it did to moral or group cohesion. In the end, there were calls for any Chaplin to be removed that could not perform such a marriage and from other quarters with the attack against faith in full press, called for the removal of all Chaplin’s from the military.

While I have no issue with gay or lesbian members serving in the military, nor do I have an issue with them marrying one another, everyone has a right to happiness, what I have a huge problem is the forcing of people to go against the tenants of their faith. I did some research with the highest ranking Muslim Chaplin, Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, found that he has never been put in a position to do such a thing, in fact, the military has gone out of their way to protect him,  thus enabling him to deal with just Islamic followers, who openly refuse to allow same-sex couples as part of their faith. One has to ask, why is it that while the number of Muslim Chaplains are small, why are they given different protection than other religions?

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One would think that there is a sensible and rather easy solution to this, either we get rid of any practicing faith chaplains, or if they’re placed in a position where they violate their faith or could put their job jeopardy, instead have a chaplain that has no faith conflict perform such a ceremony. This will never be good enough for the activist, they will demand that the respect they demand given to their belief is never returned, instead of either submit to their belief system or get out. This needs to stop, what we are doing is asking our men and women to fight for this nation, but in the process of asking this also telling them they have no right to practice their faith, the very foundation this nation was built upon, the freedom to live within the confines of your religion.

It is time to start rooting out the political players Obama put in leadership in the military, the welfare, both physical and spiritual well being of our troops should take precedence over any political correct nonsense the left is pushing. To ask our soldiers to fight, many times give the ultimate sacrifice, yet also that their belief that enables them to do what they do is unacceptable is unforgivable, we as a nation need to demand change, while one has the right to live as they are happiest, we need to do the same for our military members, not try to indoctrinate them. We need to demand the same protection be shown to all, including our chaplains. Unequal justice is unnaceptable in any form.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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