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Minneapolis voters reject ballot initiative to replace police department

Minneapolis voters reject ballot initiative to replace police department

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Minneapolis voters struck down a proposed charter amendment that would have eliminated the city’s police department and replaced it with a public safety agency.

Fifty-seven percent of voters voted “no” versus 43 percent for “yes” on the ballot question, which asked if the city charter should be amended to remove the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety. The proposed charter amendment would have eliminated the minimum police staffing requirement and the position of police chief.


The charter amendment was drafted in response to calls to defund or dismantle the police department following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. It has received national attention and was fought in the courts. Millions of dollars were raised and spent by both supporters and opponents of the proposed charter amendment leading up to Election Day.

Statement from Yes 4 Minneapolis:

“This campaign began with working-class Black and brown residents marching together to demand a higher standard of public safety in the city. It grew into a city-wide movement that spanned race, income, and neighborhoods, to give residents a say in their future and to advocate for the resources that they need. While this is not the result that we hoped for, the story of our movement must be told.

In the freezing Minneapolis winter, we organized and collected over 22,000 signatures to democratically and constitutionally put public safety on the November ballot. We beat multiple frivolous lawsuits by political pawns. We won a Supreme Court ruling after the political establishment resorted to voter suppression and nearly silenced the voices of every resident in the city. We stood against the deep pockets of corporate developers and the pressure of the police federation. We spoke the truth while the opposition, Democrats and Republicans alike, spread lies and mischaracterized our measure to create confusion, distrust, and fear.

Still, we knocked over 100K doors, made almost 200K phone calls, and sent 300K text messages, resulting in over 60k conversations with Minneapolis residents about expanding public safety in the city. This DOES NOT include the work of our 90+ partner organizations and local small businesses.

We changed the conversation about what public safety should look like. We showed the country and the world the power of democracy and the power of the people. Now, we will work to hold leaders and the system accountable. We will work to heal our city and create safer streets for all our communities.”

Minneapolis Question 2 – Replace Police Department

City Question 2: Department of Public Safety

Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove the Police Department and replace it with a Department of Public Safety that employs a comprehensive public health approach to the delivery of functions by the Department of Public Safety, with those specific functions to be determined by the Mayor and City Council by ordinance; which will not be subject to exclusive mayoral power over its establishment, maintenance, and command; and which could include licensed peace officers (police officers), if necessary, to fulfill its responsibilities for public safety, with the general nature of the amendments being briefly indicated in the explanatory note below, which is made a part of this ballot?

Explanatory Note: This amendment would create a Department of Public Safety combining public safety functions through a comprehensive public health approach to be determined by the Mayor and Council. The department would be led by a Commissioner nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the Council. The Police Department, and its chief, would be removed from the City Charter. The Public Safety Department could include police officers, but the minimum funding requirement would be eliminated.

Despite Ilhan throwing her support behind this ballot measure and having activist groups like Black Lives Matter, the people rejected this measure by enough margin to ensure that politicians see this as not feasible in the future.

Keith Ellison, who is supposed to be in charge of law and order, along with keeping the people in the state, wanted the police abolished as well:

BLM could not persuade the people either:


Notes from the Editor

In the end, even the criminals wanted the police; without them, we would continue to see crime explode in the city; the stronger criminals would prey on the weaker ones, all while law-abiding citizens are left paying the highest price.

Leftist idiotology, oops, I mean ideology, is starting to see overwhelming rejection as people see the results of these policies when put in place. But don’t expect the Left to stop; they will decide that they were not radical enough, turning more radical as time passes. The best advertising on why to vote Republican is seeing what happens when the Left pushes their agenda, leaving ruined lives and bodies in their wake.

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