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Mitch McConnel, Is It Time For Him To Go? Blocking The $2,000 Stimulus, Telling Americans $600 is Enough, shows He is Out of Touch.

Mitch McConnel, Is It Time For Him To Go? Blocking The $2,000 Stimulus, Telling Americans $600 is Enough, shows He is Out of Touch.

Mitch McConnel tells the House he will allow a vote on the Senate floor for increasing stimulus to $2,000 a person, then when the vote does not go the way he wants, he puts a stop to it and shuts it down. What is he trying to achieve?

He said he would present this to the Senate yesterday after the House voted to pass the bill, that he would present it as a bill needing unanimous votes to pass, then when it looked like it may, he objected and shut it down; this is making no sense.


While we understand that the deficit has risen to alarming levels, just as in war, we take care of winning a victory and then concentrate on getting spending down later; what is happening is McConnel seems to have missed out. We are in the middle of a war; he is more intent on pushing a personal vendetta than doing what he was elected to do, work for the American people.

I got into a debate about this yesterday with someone who said he was against Government assistance; I told him, as a rule, I am too, but this time is different. What we have are not people who are choosing not to work; rather, the government has forced them out of work. As such, the government is then obligated to help them since they cut off their ability to earn a wage.

I have watched my brother get kicked out of his home, lost his job, his wife did too; since May, they have fought with the government to get unemployment, but since the office is so backed up, they have yet to get a job. $1,200 helped him out for a couple of weeks, but this was how many months ago. Now McConnel thinks that we should be happy with $600? Even after Trump called for an increase, this is nonsense.

There have been far too many people who have fallen on desperate times; during this time, due to the government’s actions, it is obligated to step forward and see that they survive.


I am not saying McConnel is the sole one responsible for the condition this nation is in; I put most of this on the mental condition known as ‘liberalis stolidus,’ or in English, liberally stupid. Yet he refused to acknowledge the American people’s need, pushing through a bill that gave more in pork than aiding the American people is without excuse.

Mitch McConnel yelled a couple of months ago about the Democrats holding up a stimulus bill, and they did, but now he is refusing to budge on what Americans need. It turns out he is a hypocrite, just like the rest of Washington.

From this moment on, we would do justice to rid ourselves of these dinosaurs serving special interests and personal goals, but not we the people. It is time for me and all of you to start to push for new blood that will stand for our constitution, their constituents, not special perks and people they are beholding to.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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