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Mitt Romney – From Attacking Trump To Supporting Antifa, The Mask Ripped Off

Mitt Romney – From Attacking Trump To Supporting Antifa, The Mask Ripped Off

Mitt Romney loves to preach at us like he is a pious actor, acting in the interests of his faith’s moral compass, this is what he said when he was the only Republican to vote for impeaching Trump. We find as we dig into him, his mask is ripped off; he is not a pious saint, he is covered with the filth of the deep state, all while trying to put on a saintly robe.

It is not a secret of Romney’s disdain for Trump. This was added to when he went to Trump to try to get a position in his administration, and Trump turned him down. Yet Romney seems to hold animosity towards Trump, but for his supporters as well, claiming all of us are nothing but racist or bigots.

We saw this start with Charlottesville, where Trump said he would wait until the facts were in before he made a judgment, Romney came out and tweeted in support of Antifa.

“One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi,” he said on Twitter. “The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

He has joined the Democrats in resisting the Justice Department’s desire to label Antifa as a domestic terrorist, which is not the easiest to do.

There is debate if President Trump can label any group as a domestic terrorist group, something Romney was very much on board with making it even more difficult. 

Mary McCord, legal director at Georgetown University Law Center’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and a former Department of Justice official, and Hina Shamsi, the American Civil Liberties Union’s national security project director, made similar statements to the press. “No current legal authority exists for designating domestic organizations as terrorist organizations. Any attempt at such a designation would raise significant First Amendment concerns,” McCord said.

The point they are missing is this: while we all have a legal right to free speech, we don’t have a legal right to actionable speech, to claim otherwise is wrong.

If you say, “I hope they burn that house down,” this is free speech, but you tell some people, “Go and burn that house down,” that is actionable speech, the first amendment does not protect that.

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YeThis is lost on Romney; he claims that free speech protects actionable speech; thus, he openly supports Antifa as we saw above in his tweet.

One has to wonder, why would he claim to be such a spiritual person when he supports terrorists? Would he consider than someone that says they are deeply religious that supports ISIS as equally pious? We all know the answer to this: Romney thinks a different standard should judge him.

When Trump was running for president Romney attacked Trump saying, “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.” He laid out a comprehensive case for why Republicans should reject Trump and pick one of the other candidates still in the race.

This was the same person who when accusations against Trump started, almost all of the fake during the 2016 campaign tweeted:

Yet after all of this, the constant attacks, Romney then came to Trump with his hand out, turns out the man’s morals were not so strong when he thought he might get a spot in Trump’s administration. It was so pathetic; even the liberals called out his hypocrisy:

Romney is part of the corrupt Right; they are every bit as bad as the corrupt left; all are deep state players. We have seen them start to react as Trump, and his administration has moved on them, exposing their corruption and rot from within, Romney is every bit part of this swamp, it is time to throw out him and the muck around him.

We can only hope his constituents see this and spare us from having this wolf in sheep’s clothing serve in the capital.

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