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Moderator Susan Page Asks 0 Questions About Kamala Harris Raising Money For Bail Fund That Helped Release Domestic Abusers

Moderator Susan Page Asks 0 Questions About Kamala Harris Raising Money For Bail Fund That Helped Release Domestic Abusers

Debate moderator Susan Page on Wednesday posed zero questions to Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris about Harris raising money for a bail fund that helped free multiple domestic abusers and a man accused of sexually penetrating an eight-year-old child.

Page also failed to ask Harris, a California senator, whether she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court if they win the November election. When Pence pressed Harris on the matter, Page allowed Harris to dodge the question without providing a clear answer.

Harris on June 1 instructed her Twitter followers to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund during the unrest following George Floyd’s death. The fundraising page Harris linked to in the tweet included her picture and her former presidential campaign’s slogan.

While Harris indicated that contributions to the fund would “help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” the MFF also repeatedly bailed out people accused of violent crimes unrelated to the protests.

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The Minnesota Freedom Fund helped bail out a man accused of sexually penetrating an eight-year-old child in July, court records reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.

The bail fund also helped free from jail six men accused of domestic violence between July and August, according to court records reviewed by the DCNF. All but one of those men had previously been convicted of domestic violence, court records show.

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