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Moderna Calls for 3rd Shot of Vaccine On Same-Day Company Posts $4 Billion 2nd Quarter Profit on Vaccine

Moderna Calls for 3rd Shot of Vaccine On Same-Day Company Posts $4 Billion 2nd Quarter Profit on Vaccine

America’s new masters are telling us to shut up, get in line, and take our shot. The problem is, the shots never seem to stop coming.

Moderna, with support from the establishment, is now telling us we need more vaccine shots to protect us from new strains of COVID before winter. We must ask, when will this end?


Is this a surprise? I think not:

Yahoo reported:

Moderna said Thursday that people will likely need a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose to protect against future mutations of the coronavirus, touting the “robust” antibody response generated by the additional shot.

Vaccine developers at Moderna “are looking forward towards our vision of a single dose annual booster that provides protection against COVID-19, flu and [respiratory syncytial virus] for adults. … We believe this is just the beginning,” CEO Stephane Bancel said.

The company has conducted studies to determine the benefits of administering a third “booster” shot of its two-dose vaccine to protect against the highly contagious delta variant that accounts for a majority of COVID-19 cases, as well as any future strains of the virus that develop.

Moderna’s Phase 2 trial of a 50-microgram booster dose generated a strong immune response against the delta, gamma, and beta variants — all of which seem to spread more easily and quickly than other variants, which could lead to more COVID-19 outbreaks. The third dose produced an antibody response nearly as strong as the response generated in previously unvaccinated people who received the first two doses of the vaccine.

MORE… On Thursday, Moderna also announced their COVID vaccine brought in more than $4 billion in second-quarter sales, helping to push the vaccine developer into a profit.


One has to wonder, since we hear that people getting a new strain are almost all vaccinated, yet the death rates aren’t increasing, is this new strain losing its lethality? Further, if it is, wouldn’t we be better off letting our own bodies build up an immunity? The more we do this, the less our body has to work, thus weakening our ability to fight off such things, yet the government wants us to do more of this.

As we have said before, we at 0censor will not tell people they should or should not take the vaccine; that is up to you. As we have said in the past, taking a line from the pro-abortion crowd, “It is your body, your choice!” Isn’t it amazing how you hear this time after time? Now you hear that your body is the state’s responsibility, you should have no choice in the matter. And who is pushing this the hardest, the pro-abortion crowd? I guess pro-choice only matters if they are affected.

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