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Is This The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime?

Is This The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetime?

I have heard over the years, seems it comes up with every election, someone says, “This is the most important election of your lifetime!” After hearing this for the last 40 years, one starts to turn off to this claim. Much of that is due to we have all seen elections go against what we want, yet this great nation of ours goes on.

But, with this being stated, there are essential crossroads in this nation, a great example is what went on in 2016, we were sliding more towards a progressive liberal state, religion was under attack, personal freedom and the second amendment came under increasing attack.

We saw free speech assaulted because it was not in tune with progressive thought, colleges had students attacking and harassing speakers they did not agree with. It ended up drawing out a very coarse and crass speaker who ran for president, did not care about this ideology, just that America was great; we needed to return to what made us great; thus, Donald Trump came into the national spotlight.

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Donald Trump The Candidate

The fact that Trump did not say one thing while saying something else out the side of his neck drove the left crazy, the went insane that he was not politically correct, dared to answer questions about him harassing women. When he was called out for calling some of them fat pigs, he replied, “I only did that with Rosie O’Donnell!” We laughed, sometimes just turned him on for the entertainment, but found outside the entertainment, there was with tidbits of truth in what he was saying.

He said he was going to fix the border, it was time to put this nation first, we were not obligated to allow all of Central and South America into our country, it was not in our national interest to do so. We agreed, we started to cheer him on, some of us began to see Trump as a possible frontrunner for president.

His comments about Europe and NATO members not pitching in their fair share rang right to our ears, he called the massive influx of Muslim migration in Europe a threat, the issue of no-go-zones in agreement with how we felt, he, like us, did not see reason behind bringing a people over here who hated us, many were supporters of terrorism, why did we feel they should be allowed to come here? More robust vetting was called for, migration would be stopped until we could figure out how to do this. We now knew we had someone that spoke our language. His rallies grew; no longer was he a novelty, he could be president.

The left, as Trump started to overcome what was seen as insurmountable obstacles to be the nominee for president with the GOP, they suddenly went into a full panic mode. They knew what Trump had said about the Supreme Court, his demand that supreme justices know their place as interpreters of the constitution, not creators of law, this was an infringement on a group of government outside the control of the people, a group they had relied on to put in effect laws they could not get by vote.

The press kicked into high gear; they told us, the American voters that Hillary had the elections if someone said Trump had a prayer, the Hollywood elite, along with the talking heads on the news scoffed, “Who could be so stupid as to believe Trump had a chance?” They asked themselves. They knew they had to at all cost prevent Trump from winning this election.

The upset of a lifetime was set in motion, after browbeating people for daring to say they would support and vote for Trump the electorate shut up, said nothing, they knew come election time they would vote the way they wanted, not the way we were being dictated to.

Clinton was crowned president before the first ballot was cast, the press and her supporters sat in breathless anticipation for a continuation of the ruinous policies we had endured for the last eight years, but things did not work out the way they thought it would, the shock of their life was getting ready to be unleashed on them.

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2016 Election

Trump won the 2016 election, the worst nightmare imaginable for the left just happened, all they had planned for, worked for, it was all at risk, Trump was going to run through their China Store like a gimpy drunk bull, he would soon smash all the little plates they had displayed so nicely for everyone to see.

The press and the left went crazy, markers were called in, actors got on TV, begged and threatened the Electoral voters to vote other than how they were obligated to vote, we had a full melt-down as people marched in the street, wearing genitalia on their heads like this was the newest fashion, they were going to show us what it was like to be woke.

Trump went into the White House, constant attacks. A fake dossier was brought up, the left then went on with the Russian Collusion story, that was proven to be a hoax, but did not stop them, they went from point to point, like they were throwing garbage against the wall, see what stuck, then went after that.

Nadler said that they should investigate until something was found. Cummings and others joined in, announced their new job was to dig until something, anything was found to rid themselves of Trump. The very people who screamed in alarm that Trump would not accept the 2016 election results turned out to be the ones that refused to accept this.

We saw Trump come into the office on the run, he pulled us out of the Paris Climate accord, precisely as he promised, then turned on the Iranian Nuke Deal that Obama had tried to put into effect over the Senate, thus allowing Trump to do away with it with a stroke of the pen.

Next, he put in force a stop for migration from Islamic nations where we could not correctly vet out for terrorists. The left went crazy; this had to be Islamophobic, even though people from the most populous Islamic nations were still able to migrate to the U.S.

More marches in the streets, more people wearing genitalia on their heads, looking like a bunch of confused adolescence, but this was the Democrats that told us they were the party of reason and science.

While all of this was happening, Trump quietly with the GOP controlled Senate started to at record levels fill federal court seats, replacing activists judged on federal courts, in appeal courts, even in the Supreme Court. Now the furious reaction started, the left realized, after it was too late, Trump was redoing the courts with the help of the Senate to take away the right of the left to put into law what they could not get by vote.

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Why the Courts?

The greatest threat to the Left, they see as a lasting debilitating strike on their plans, is what Trump is doing with the courts. The Left has counted on the courts to aid them in putting in place legislation that promotes their ideology. Still, with Trump changing the Supreme Court towards a Conservative court, the first time in over 50 years, the appeal courts are slowly seeing the Clinton and Obama early appointees being replaced, we are witnessing a transformation of the courts at all levels.

This is why I think the Left now has people yelling that they not only need to defeat Trump, they have to figure out a way to undo everything he has put in place, including impeaching and removing every Judge that has been put in place during his administration. This grew in strength during the impeachment hearings, Schiff said that not only did Trump need to go, but so did Pence, thus opening the door for a Pelosi presidency, this all fell apart with the Senate.

Vox came out when this change of the courts was starting to be evident, ranted that Trump was going to damage the courts. They knew that their side-deal with activist courts was going to end.

To do this, we need to look at the raw numbers. Both Obama and Trump appointed two justices to the Supreme Court. Still, Trump’s impact on the highest Court far exceeds Obama’s, because Trump replaced the relatively moderate conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy with the conservative Brett Kavanaugh (that was after appointing conservative Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s vacant seat). Obama’s appointees — Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan — largely maintained the balance of power on a conservative Court. At the same time, Trump has moved the Court even further to the right, where the constitution, not political ideology, would hold sway.

Real Clear Politics sounded the alarm that Trump had changed the appeal courts make up. As of late November, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit was the third circuit court to flip from a majority of Democrat appointees to a majority of Republican appointees under President Trump (not counting the many courts that had an even split that has also tipped Republican). In an interview with Hugh Hewitt on Dec. 18, McConnell said, “One of every four of the U.S. circuit judges in the country has been put on the bench in the last three years.”   As Obama said, the election has consequences, the left is now seeing while this was fine when it favored them, it is not so good when they see all going against them.

Even with the lower courts, the Washington Post was complaining that 1 out of 4 circuit court seats is now filled with Trump appointees. The Guardian expressed what they feared was long-lasting damage to their plans by having Trump put in conservative justices.

The Atlantic openly puts in their article on another four years of Trump they fear that such an event and they admit now that it is more probable then they would like to admit, it would affect “three areas—climate change, the risk of a renewed global arms race, and control of the Supreme Court—illustrates the historical significance of the 2020 election. The first two problems will become much harder to address as time goes on. The third one stands to remake our constitutional democracy and undermine the capacity for future change.”

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Why this election could be transformational for America

If you look at the first Bush, Ford, and Nixon before him, the justices they picked for the Supreme Court were not always conservative, and some turned out to be very liberal after presenting themselves as a conservative, then changing their tune once they were placed on the bench, John Paul Stevens is an excellent example of this.

Since President G. W. Bush, we have not had this issue, while some may argue that Roberts has turned more liberal, I would say he has become more libertarian than liberal. He still rules most of his cases with a conservative-leaning. Also, remember, Bush did not hold the majority with the Senate, he had to put forth someone palatable to the Democrats in the Senate, Roberts was that person.

With Trump having a conservative Senate, and no end to this being seen this fall, it could even slant more towards the conservative with many Democrat Senators put in office in areas that supported Trump now facing the music come this fall over their vote to remove Trump, the election will have a way to trim off the rotten meat.

Trump could very well after 2020 be looking at a radical change of the Supreme Court with Stephen Breyer at 80 years old, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 with failing health, last, there is Sotomayor, who has been battling issues due to her type one diabetes, Trump could see a complete flip of the supreme court, more so if Thomas retires as there has been mention of.

Is this the most critical election of our life? I hate putting down such ultimatums, but I can say it is one of the most important, we need to all be motivated to get out and vote, for I promise, the other side is.

Thomas would not change the complexity of the court. Still, if Bryer and Ginsburg, along with Sotomayor step down, you could end up with the high court with only Sonia Sotomayor siting as a liberal court justice, this would change the court over the next 15 to 20 years. This alone, without the political changes that could be made, along with further changes in the appeal courts and lower courts could radical transform our judicial branch from a progressive activist branch of government to one that ruling with constitutional restraint, something not seen in years.

If for no other reason, this is why this election is so important, the legislative side of things, the next president could run with a supporting house and Senate and do sweeping changes. Still, with the court, that is not so easily redone, this could last for years, something that would stand in the way of any radical change the Progressive Left would want to implement, such as restrictions on our first and second amendment rights.

So, is this the most critical election of our life? I hate putting down such ultimatums, but I can say it is one of the most important, we need to all be motivated to get out and vote, for I promise, the other side is.

In a side note, we are working on turning 0censor into a news feed site, we are currently looking for other sites like ours that we can add, we then will be adding a few every week until we have something like Yahoo or other major news sites where you can come and find articles that are of interest to you.

I will not stop writing, we still look forward to bringing in more of our own writers, but we are very selective with whom we will bring in, we want writers of news and opinions, not opinions masquerading as news. You, along with myself are very capable of making our own decisions, thus we want you to form how you feel about an article, not be told by us how to do this.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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