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How The Move To The Far Left Is Worrying Top Democratic Hopefuls.

How The Move To The Far Left Is Worrying Top Democratic Hopefuls.

Turns out now, some of the old guard in the DNC, the Democrats that are not on the far left, they are starting to worry that the far left movement of the party is leaving their constituents, the ones that have kept them in power for years are going to get lost in this transition.

Party activist within the party have become energized with the likes of
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, many within the far left could care less about the raging antisemitism you see within the new members and older ones. With many of the leaders hanging around Farrakhan, refusing to condemn his outrageous racist claims.

You now have members that are standing up in the halls of Congress, making anti-semitic attacks, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, who both have ties to terrorist groups, now is seen as mainstream within the party. The party is trying to reign them in, they fear to lose their Jewish support, but as the DNC moves further and further to the left, we find they are every bit as hateful as the far-right they wish to rant so much about.

Image result for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib

The complaint by the left is that the GOP is taking advantage of the left’s movement to the far left to launch their attacks on the party, but one has to ask, why is this a surprise? We have seen nothing but attacks from the left against Trump and anyone that dares to support him, but now they are going to cry that it is unfair if this is done back?

As stated by James Oliphant with Reuters, the unfairness of this is of concern to the left, for they fear that Trump could succeed by pointing this out, instead of seeing what could be done to fix this, instead we have your typical leftist journalist instead falling into the victim mode. In his own words:

Some Democrats fear the argument has potency. They worry the primary may produce a nominee who will not appeal to centrist working and middle-class voters who voted for Trump in 2016 but whom Democrats believe they can win back.

“The big progressive programs are popular in a caucus or primary electorate, but probably don’t move the needle among voters who want to find someone who will change Washington by tilting the system to favor people in the middle — not the very rich or the very poor,” said Jeff Link, an Iowa Democrat who worked for former President Barack Obama’s campaign.

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We start to see the cracks within the party, they are realizing while the far left movement is energizing their more radical constituents, they also know the ones that get one elected into the White House is not from this group, they come from the voters that voted for Trump because they were not happy with the movement the DNC had shown in 2016, but now are openly worried because instead of sliding back towards the center as President Clinton did, they instead are rushing towards the left fring.

The worry is that Trump will not let up on this attack showing the contrast between the parties, use Venezuela to show the difference between what the far left wants and what he and the GOP are offering.

“There’s no question this is a deliberate strategy on his part,” said Matt Bennett, a political analyst with Third Way, a Democratic centrist think-tank. “It is a bit scary to think about what it could do to us in a close, tough election next year.”

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But there is more, with the Green Plan that AOC has released, the way the left jumped on this bandwagon, even though every expert on the economy have said her deal would destroy this economy. This contrast, and where you have seen her idea’s put into motion, I think this will not only hurt the left, it will be used to destroy anyone who tries to support this in a presidential run.

Republicans also jumped on Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to hike the marginal tax rate to 70 percent as a way to finance her environmental initiative. Even so, Warren followed by suggesting a “wealth tax” on Americans with large fortunes to help finance her child-care plan.

Democrats are “afraid to tell their base what is practical” and instead are offering policies that have little chance of being enacted, said Bryan Lanza, a former campaign aide to Trump who regularly defends the president on cable news.

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As one that voted for Trump in the last elections, while there are things I am not happy that have been done, for the most part, I see him doing more to fulfill promises then I have ever seen in any presidents a first term, more so when you look at the rabid opposition to him, in some cases even from members of his own party.

I can’t help but be satisfied watching this implosion by the left as they rush headlong into a trainwreck that is just waiting to happen. They think that Trump is going to be the reason he will not win the 2020 election, I say no, it will be their rushing to fringe left while losing sight of the very people that kept them in power for so long.

Hang in there folks, as we see this rush the left does not realize it yet, but they are rushing to make themselves face a defeat that will send them into a worse state of panic then they had in the 2016 elections. They have lost sight of the one true facts of Presidential year elections, it is not the far-left or far-right that decides elections, in the Democrats and Independents on the Center-Left and the GOP members along with the Independents that are on the Center-Right.

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