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Mr. President, Please Declare Your Emergency And Build The Wall!

Mr. President, Please Declare Your Emergency And Build The Wall!

We have heard what a waste the wall is, the demands by the left that Trump just open the government and trust them to negotiate in good faith, but I must ask, what have they done since Trump has been elected to earn any of this trust?

We hear that Trump is refusing to budge in his negotiations, but he has, it is the Democrats that refused to move one inch, demanding that Trump sign a spending bill before they will talk about border security, but then turn around and tell their constituents that they will at most give $1.00 for that wall. This is what they call good faith negotiations?

While the news outlets is pressing this as Trump refusing to budge, he came out in the news conference and openly said he would make adjustments. The Left wants us to think that putting a wall up over 2,000 miles is a waste, and it would be, but Trump has never demanded a 2,000 mile wall, he has only asked for one where it is possible to pass, in the large desert area’s, putting up a wall would be a waste.

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The other complaint is that you can’t man 2,000 miles at all times, yet that is not what was asked for, Trump and others within his administration have said they would use sensors, drones and roving patrols to maintain coverage of the wall, watch towers like you had in the German wall were never asked for.

What is the Left’s reaction towards Trump saying if the Democrats will not secure the border, then he will by presidential decree of emergency? They say that would constitute grounds for impeachment due to abuse of power.

But what would the left do, or more accurately, what could they do if Trump declares a state of emergency?

The legislative route is out of the question, under the current law the president is given very broad powers, he can declare a state of emergency, then has to go before Congress and they have to vote down, along with the Senate, with 60% vote from both chambers to reverse this State of Emergency.

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What about through the courts? First, the right for the president to declare a national emergency at the border is the law, that can’t be challenged, but as we saw with Truman, making moves against American Companies or individuals, such as Roosevelt made against the Japanese Americans in WW2, interning them, that would be shut down in a hurry if tried today.

The largest question is if he does, and this is challenged in court, how soon could a court be called on, second, if a halt is put on this, which we know will happen, the applicants of the lawsuit will shop courts to find the most liberal and anti-Trump court they can find, how soon can this get before a appeals court.

It would be my guess this would see a ruling in either Hawaii with Obama’s friend that has done this in the past towards Trump, this will in turn force a hearing the 9th circuit court, and will be forced to go up to the Supreme Court.

I would love to say the Supreme Court will halt any block on his emergency power in a hurry while they debate if they will hear the case, but regardless of how they rule, that would not matter to the left, what they want is to obstruct and delay Trump from being able to act at all cost.

I have written on this in the past, how I would love to see any wall put up include one on the borders of the West Coast State, if they want to be sanctuary states, then the illegals they harbor should not have a right to then head out all over the US.

But wall there or not, it does not matter, just build one on our Southern Border Mister President.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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