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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims FOX News Wants Their Viewers To DIE

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims FOX News Wants Their Viewers To DIE

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is easily one of the most deranged people on cable news and, like her colleagues, is utterly obsessed with FOX News.

She suggested that FOX News wants its viewers to die during a recent broadcast.


She also defended Joe Biden by talking about how supposedly compassionate he is.

News Busters reports:

Ebenezer Joy Reid: ‘God Bless Biden’ Because Fox News Is Going to MURDER You!

Having been off on Monday, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid returned on Tuesday amid a busy news week and didn’t waste time showing the opposite of the Christmas spirit as, after having repeatedly said “God bless Joe Biden,” she argued Fox News wants “their viewers and their fans” to “die because they don’t give a damn” and it’d be a “fun” way to make Biden look bad.

Minutes after having falsely claimed unvaccinated Americans have led to new Covid variants, she told NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss of “presidents who committed really what should amount to criminal negligence when it comes to pandemics.”…

With Beschloss hooting and hollering like a church parishioner hearing a sermon, Reid said “God bless” President Biden because while “he’s not perfect…he actually is a caring human being who does want the whole country to survive this” pandemic.

Oof. Imagine giving Biden the Obama treatment and actually believing it.

In contrast to Biden, Reid turned her ire to conservatives and Republicans as “people…who…decided to turn him into the devil” and instead listen to Fox News hosts who are “all vaccinated” but want them to “die.”

Watch the video below:

It is little wonder why Joy Reid joined MSNBC; she is as much of a conspiracy nut as they are. She has had a go-to since she has appeared publically; everyone, everything is a racist; well, other than her.

She then runs with the typical leftist drivel we have heard so long -Republicans ignore science (This is coming from people that want to tell us you can spontaneously change sex by desire (wonder what biological book they got that one from?). Or that we want to push granny off the cliff.

This is the same person that excuses BLM protests as mostly peaceful, yet attacks every time Trump has an event as violent. Guess burning and looting is peaceful; shouting patriotic things is violent in her world.

It seems as if she had missed out the last year. To say that BLM is mostly peaceful is not much different than saying the Fascists were not cold-blooded murderers.


I live in Wisconsin. I know that winter will always bring cold weather and snow; this is something you can count on. I also know that if I want crazy, I turn on MSNBC, it may take time, but Joy Reid will never disappoint; it is coming, only a matter of when.

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