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Mueller Explains Findings; Funny How Two Sides Saw Two Different Things

Mueller Explains Findings; Funny How Two Sides Saw Two Different Things

In what is not surprising, when Mueller came out and gave his public address to what the findings were, the Democrats and Republicans came out with two different stories, so vastly different, you have to wonder if they both listened to the same speech.

What I and most Republicans heard was that there was no evidence of any collusion between the Trump election team and the Russians found, this was part one of his findings. Yet Nader came out and said this conclusively proved that there was collusion, guess Nader grew up in the era where no means yes, that is the only way I could figure this out. How one can say when one says nothing was found, means there was conclusive evidence found, either Nader and the Left were not listening, or they could care less, they have already convicted Trump.

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The second part was that while there were things that Mueller said he found could be construed as obstruction, there was not enough evidence to charge, and even if he could, there was no way to charge a sitting president. What he did say, and the Democrats seemed to once more totally ignore this point, he said they were investigating to see if they could show members of the Trump team were involved in any way with collusion, they could have charged them now, but found nothing. This too was taken by the Left as showing signs of egregious guilt.

When I watched this, I could not help but wonder, why doesn’t Trump tell Mueller to go ahead and indict, he runs the justice department, he has the legal authority to wave this precedence against himself being charged, in other words, spit up the evidence, which none was shown, or shut up.

The facts are Mueller said there was nothing to charge, if he had found any of Trump’s associates were guilty of collusion or obstruction in any way, they would have indicted them, but they never did. To say that they did not wish to, that is nonsense, they charged everyone around Trump with all sorts of crimes if they were able to, they showed no issue with this, so if there was any collusion, why was it that not one person was charged, even something of a lesser charge such as co-conspirator?

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The great divide shows the mindset of the Democrats, this has nothing to do with guilt, this has everything to do with smearing as much dirt as they can on Trump, even if it is their dirt they are picking up and throwing. If they can slowly turn a few people each time over to their cause, they could win this, or so they think.

Truth no longer matters to the left; it is all about presentation and drama, provide as much of both as you are able, you just may be able to persuade the weak minded. The hatred of Trump, his supporters, and anyone associated in any way with Trump has robbed these deranged politicians of all sanity, they are like a crazed man, stabbing a beast, does not matter if it did no one harm, both hate so bad, they are both caught up in their own blood lust.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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