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Mueller Following Clinton’s Lead and Destroying Evidence.

Mueller Following Clinton’s Lead and Destroying Evidence.

In what now is turning into a common practice with the Democrats, Mueller and his team are resorting to the same tactics of the Democrats under Obama, destroying electronic records so federal prosecutors can’t access them. 

One has to wonder, while Mueller is looking into all Trump is doing, who is looking into what he is doing. In the latest escapade when congress asked Mueller for the iPhone that Stark and 

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were part of the FBI’s investigation of the allegations of 2016 Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

During that investigation, they exchanged text messages expressing their hatred of Donald Trump and their efforts to make sure he wasn’t elected.

More evidence likely resided on the iPhones issued to them by the government.

But that evidence is now wiped clean, because the phones were “reset” to factory settings, apparently by Mueller’s team.

In a report, the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Justice explained that when the IG was looking for the phones, Mueller’s office responded that Strzok’s had been re-issued and reset.

Mueller’s “records officer” told the IG “that as part of the office’s records retention procedure, the officer reviewed Strzok’s DOJ issued iPhone after he returned it to the SCO and determined it contained no substantive text messages.”

Page’s phone, which vanished for many months, later was located and found to have been reset.

The special counsel’s office said it did not obtain Page’s phone when she left, so it was not reviewed for records before being reset.

Special Counsel Mueller

This whole thing, like much with the special counsel, seems to think it is within their right to act outside the law, just like the Obama administration did, but then demand that others do what they have not. To say that Mueller and team’s hypocrisy stinks to the high heavens is a understatement. 

It is high time we start investigating the investigators, we have already seen that in the Flynn case they misdirected Flynn to entrap him, that case could be thrown out. The law does not seem to matter to Mueller and his team, rather their one sighted goal of getting rid of Trump. 

This is not a investigation, this is a witch hunt, exactly as Trump has stated, the sole goal is to get rid of what they see as a mistake by the American people, that we dared to vote Trump into office.
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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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