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Mueller Shows True Face And Outright Bias In Testimony

Mueller Shows True Face And Outright Bias In Testimony

Robert Mueller, showing disdain for American Justice under questioning, refusing to answer questions that were not convenient to the narrative that Trump was guilty of obstruction.

Further, when questioned by Congressmen over the questioning of Steele over the Steele Dossier, Mueller refused to answer on this as well. Mueller did nothing but hide behind he would not answer anything that could bring his findings to question but had no issue with answering questions that were set in a way to try to imply guilt on the president.

This was the last push by the Democrats to set up a hearing to try to justify their goal of impeaching President Trump, what was shown was nothing more than the pettiness of Mueller, the open bias where he refused to answer questions for the GOP while he seemed to have no problem providing for the DNC members. At this point, any credibility Mueller had is lost at this point.

Any credibility Mueller had is lost.

It is time for the American leadership within the DNC to move past this, the people already have, polling shows the vast majority of Americans feel this is done, by beating a dead horse the left is not accomplishing anything.

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What was most interesting is how the whole narrative was pushed by the leftist members, that no one was above the law, but then ignored the practice of the law that no guilt was found. Thus no dirt should be shown again and again to attack the president. Turns out the Democrats, who are the first to scream about right, are one of the worst violators of these rights.

In the end we found out little that was new, but learned quickly the left was going to interpret how they wanted, even when Mueller said no. The GOP found to their frustration that Mueller, while he was much more willing to answer the questions of the liberal side of the court, did nothing but stonewall the conservative members.

I have to agree with what Fox’s Chris Wallace said, and many times I don’t, in his words, “This has been a disaster for the Democrats, and I think it’s been a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller.”

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