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Mueller To Testify, May Be Stupidest Move Of the Left Yet.

Mueller To Testify, May Be Stupidest Move Of the Left Yet.

The Democrats announced with great excitement that Robert Mueller is going to show up to testify next month before Congress, but is this the victory they think it is going to be?

While Mueller has said during his 9-minute statement that he would only answer questions contained within the report, then went on to refuse to answer any questions, if he comes before Congress, not only will the Democrats be able to question, in what could be a massive problem for both him and the left is that Republicans will as well.

Mueller in opening himself up to questions he may not wish to answer, and testifying risks looking like a jilted man, one who was angry over how just the day before he took on the special counsel’s case was rejected by Trump to run the FBI. What is more, the key players in the current problem with Clapper, Comey, and others, he was good friends with, so how will this conflict of interest come out when under heavy questioning?

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There is also the case that could be asked, when one conducts something like this, you want to set up as much of a non-partisan group as you can, but he only surrounded himself with strong Democratic supporters, (some that later had to be released due to their rabid anti-Trump rhetoric), how did he think this was going to give him a look of not having a witch hunt?

Even more, when did he know there was no collusion, and if he did know this early, which all indications are he did, then why did he use this line of questioning to trap different people in purgery traps, to charge with procedural charges?

The Democrats may think this is a great victory, but what could happen is that Mueller, by allowing himself to be questioned, will open himself up to hard biting questions by the GOP, ones that could quickly turn this into something that Democrats don’t want, thus exposing this as anything more than a petty, vindictive witch hunt.

As reported on FOX:

Republicans on the two panels will get their chance to query Mueller about the dubious basis for federal surveillance warrants used to spy on Trump associates, what initially prompted the FBI probe that preceded Mueller’s investigation and, perhaps the biggest question of all: At what point during his nearly-two year probe did Mueller determine Trump did not collude with Russians.

“He can’t refuse to answer questions about the FISA application,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz told Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham, referring to a request by the FBI to surveil a member of the 2016 Trump campaign under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Those are the kind of questions that I think Republicans will be very well prepared to ask,” Dershowitz added. “Those are the kind of questions which are currently under investigation by the inspector general whose report we are waiting for. But those are not in any way precluded. So I think that they will regret having called him.”

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It seems the Democrats never learn, in their attack against Kavanaugh they set themselves up as nothing but petty, vindictive politicians that were willing to support any lie, so that they could get what they wanted. Further, they showed that they were ready to with a lie destroy lives, all for the sake of taking back control of government for the left.

We saw with Trump that the public was tired of this, they did not tell the pollsters how they were going to vote, it was not worth having someone go postal on you over, waited until the election and then voted the way they wanted to.

Today things are so polarized that people would instead not tell how they are going to vote. The left sees polls, thinks if they continue down this rabbit hole, there will be a victory at the end of it, I submit that it will be the opposite of this, they are going to find themselves looking from the inside out as they watch the opposite of what they feel should happen.

All this is doing is the left is showing all of us, the American people, they could care less about doing what they were elected to do, they want to rid themselves of this troublesome thorn, Trump, they are willing to do this no matter what the cost or who is hurt. One can only hope that the majority of America wakes up to this, votes them out, and teaches them a lesson, one that if not learned they may never recover from if they do, don’t expect change, just more dirty playing.

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