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Multiple Dead And Injured From Domestic Terrorist Attack In Waukesha Wisconsin

Multiple Dead And Injured From Domestic Terrorist Attack In Waukesha Wisconsin

Five people were killed, and more than 40 were injured, including children, after a car plowed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sunday evening, prompting police to fire at the speeding vehicle.

The city acknowledged on Twitter that the numbers could change as more information becomes available.


One video showed a woman screaming, “Oh my God!” repeatedly as a group of young dancers was struck Sunday. A father talked of going “from one crumpled body to the other” searching for his daughter. Members of a “Dancing Grannies” club were among those hit.

A “person of interest” was in custody, Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said, but he gave no details about the person or any possible motive. The investigation was ongoing, with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

“What took place in Waukesha today is sickening, and I have every confidence that those responsible will be brought to justice,” Attorney General Josh Kaul, the state’s top law enforcement officer, tweeted.

Angelito Tenorio told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he had just finished marching in the parade with his family and friends when the car sped through the parade route.

“As we were walking back in between the buildings … we saw an SUV crossover just put the pedal to the metal and just zooming full speed along the parade route. And then we heard a loud bang and just deafening cries and screams from people who are who [were] struck by the vehicle,” Tenorio said. “And then … we saw people running away or stopping, crying, and … there are people on the ground who looked like they’d been hit by the vehicle.”

Videos posted on social media showed a red SUV crossover running over barriers and speeding onto the road where the parade was taking place.

What is of note, the silence on the press on whom the perpetrator was. Since the man was quickly caught, we know that this was the man:

Yet, not a word was said over the press; many of them are trying to frantically bury this because it does not match their narrative that angry white males only do this. What seems to be lost in this narrative is if you look at the 2015 San Bernardino attack, this was done by radical Muslims, a man, and his wife. The Florida nightclub shooting was done by a Muslim as well. When you start to dig into these shootings, you see white, black, Hispanic, Asians, yet the only ones the press blames are whites, then hurries to bury the rest.


Following this path, because there is no political capital from this shooting, expect this to be out of the news ASAP; it does not aid in grabbing guns from white people or saying that we are all evil.

There is also talk that this is due to the Rittenhouse verdict, yet at this point, this is just speculation; there is nothing that has been verified to make such a claim is mere speculation, nothing more.

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