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Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care that Protesters Are Committing Crimes, and Adam Carolla Has an Important Question

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care that Protesters Are Committing Crimes, and Adam Carolla Has an Important Question

Recently, Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she doesn’t care that rioters and protesters are breaking laws and destroying whatever they don’t like. Her exact words were “People will do what they do.” Which leads to an excellent question that Adam Carolla wants to know. Does that mean all of us?

The first tweet came before California shut down again, which I think led to the second tweet. The first is more macro. If “people will do what they do” when it come to vandalism and destruction, there’s reams of paper of excessive law regulating other people from just doing what they do. Does this new normal apply to the rest of us? Because this isn’t some podunk local elected official. Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the House. She’s the head of the Democrat Party and straight-up saying the rules don’t apply to people who agree with her politically, but they do to everyone else.

The second tweet is going to make states locking down again very interesting. Because those of us who are not allowed to “do what they do” have had nothing to do for the past few weeks watching people be allowed to breaks laws and ignore all ‘rona regulations. You’d have to be an idiot not to believe these super-spreader peaceful riots are the reason why we’re having another outbreak.

While we’ve had nothing to do but watch this be transmitted into our homes, we also got to hear from elected officials telling us they condone people breaking the law and then with a straight face blame those of use following the law for the ‘rona outbreak because one too many may have been in the same bar. Or the same church.

Good luck trying to push these tyrannical lockdown orders a second time. The American people are just going to do what we do now.

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