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Nancy Pelosi Melts Down on CNN, Accuses Wolf Blitzer of Being a ‘Republican Apologist’

Nancy Pelosi Melts Down on CNN, Accuses Wolf Blitzer of Being a ‘Republican Apologist’

“Melting down” is a common expression used to describe when someone loses their poise. To any “fact” checkers reading this, I’m not implying Nancy Pelosi actually melted. No one threw water on her or anything. But the greatest Democrat leader of all time doesn’t always handle it well when a reporter doesn’t follow the script. Wolf Blitzer from CNN challenged the speaker on ‘rona aid and how maybe she should consider not holding the American people hostage over it for political reasons. Pelosi responded by *checks notes* saying he’s always been a Republican shill.

Yes, Wolf Blitzer. Yes, on CNN.

To accuse anyone on CNN of being a shill for the GOP is grossly dishonest at best, pathetically insulting the intelligence of the viewer at worst. If you want GOP talking points, this Dan Crenshaw video explains Pelosi purposely causing pain and suffering because it’s an election year. Wolf Blitzer did the barest minimum. But this is Nancy Pelosi. Her one move is to lie, knowing she can count on most in the media to swear by it. When a reporter breaks ranks and asks the simplest of questions, she isn’t programmed with a response.

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