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NBA TV Ratings Tank For LeBron James And The Lakers Winning The Championship

NBA TV Ratings Tank For LeBron James And The Lakers Winning The Championship

The TV ratings were brutal Sunday night for the NBA as the Los Angeles Lakers won the championship over the Heat.

According to, the game peaked at an average of 6.028 million viewers on ABC. Just how bad is that number?

Well, the sixth and final game in 2019 had 18.34 million viewers. That means the last game of the 2020 Finals was down more than 67%!

Not only did the ratings tank compared to last year, but the NBA Finals were also crushed by “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, which peaked at more than 12 million viewers.

No matter how you spin it, there’s no happy ending for the NBA when it comes to the 2020 Finals.

As I’ve said before, I think there are a lot of reasons for why the NBA is doing so poorly right now. Going up against football is a death sentence for the league.

When Americans have the choice between basketball and football, we’ll always choose football.

Also, we all know the politicization of sports isn’t helping at all. People want to tune in for some action. We don’t want to be lectured by millionaire athletes.

Adam Silver knows as much, and pretty much admitted that he understands why fans aren’t happy.

If the NBA doesn’t figure this out next season, then they’re going to be in huge trouble. It’s truly that simple.

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