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After saying “F*** Every Trump Supporter,” New Jersey Professor is now claiming Victim-hood and Racism.

After saying “F*** Every Trump Supporter,” New Jersey Professor is now claiming Victim-hood and Racism.

In what can now, for the most part, except as part of the norm with the constant victimized leftist African Americans, we see a New Jersey professor go on the attack against all whites and Trump supporters, seems she is not that familiar with the fact that people of all races are supporting Trump, attacked Trump, all of us, as being the cause of the devastation of Coronavirus on the African American population. 

What is more, instead of apologizing, saying she had spoken out of anger, doubled-down, first let everyone know she was tenured, so she could not now be fired (maybe something needs to be done about this), but then went on a rant blaming President Trump and all of us. They dare to support him, claiming it is our fault that African-Americans are dying at a higher percentage than the rest of America.

In what is also coming up as no surprise, she is a professor of something as useless and stupid as gender studies. One does not need a Ph.D. to understand the difference of genders; I recall being taught this when I was rather young on a farm, “Girls have —, boys have —. You see son, G-d made us all special and unique, we are all wonderfully made!” Guess I didn’t get the lesson where the males are oppressors, where one needs to start blaming all that is wrong with them on everyone but themselves.

“F— each and every Trump supporter. You absolutely did this. You are to blame,” were among the comments – several of them containing profanity – posted on Twitter this week by Brittney Cooper, an associate professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University.

“I said what I meant. And I curse cuz I’m grown,” she wrote in part in a series of tweets Thursday, adding, “I have tenure. Rutgers won’t be firing me for tweets.”

Maybe what needs to be done in cases like this is to have everyone that has gone to Rutgers know that as long as she remains tenured, and they donate money to the school, we will find out who they are, publicly post that they are supporting this type of attack, see how quickly the money dries up and how long her “tenure” remains in place.

As for the complaints that the African-American population is disproportionately affected, let’s do something many of these leftist refuse to do, actually look at the facts.

First, the reports that the African American population is more affected by this than whites; there is no hard data on this, just news reports. The complaints are that African-Americans are more affected, but why not look at the demographics, where they are located.

Most of the affected are in cities that are controlled by Democrats, as I recall the nation is with 73% of the population that is white, 17.6% Hispanic, 12.7% that is African American, the rest is comprised of other races, but go to large cities, where this pandemic is hitting hardest, you see the population is much different.

Chicago has 49.44% of their population that is White, 30.12% Black, the other 21% are different races, so complaining that Blacks see a higher jump nationwide that over-represented with their 12.7% of the population now makes sense, it has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with large city demographics.

The same with New York, 42.67% of their population, is white, 24.27% of their population is African-American. As you can see, the African American population, even though they nationwide make up less than 13% of the people, they make up a much more significant percentage of the large cities. So the uptick in numbers is understandable, this has nothing to do with racism, yet people like this professor are hell-bent on making this about race, will not look at the demographics.

Sometimes when you inject a little common sense, instead of screaming “Racist” at everything, you find there are causes, much of this is due to how cities are made up. 

We have seen with cruise ships and naval vessels, such as the USS Roosevelt, the Virus runs rampant through these ships. The reason is rather simple; many people are confined into a tiny space, they are going to spread this Virus, such things have been known for years, it is something cruise ships train for.

Cities are much like the cruise ships, but on a much larger scale, unlike in the suburbs and country, people are living in apartment complexes with hundreds of families in one building, homes on the streets in poor neighborhoods are packed tightly to one another, many times the people are intermixing, children playing with each other, this is what is done with these cities.

Now have a virus come through, have someone like ….. de Blasio go public, have his health czar by his side, tell the people in the city as the Virus is arriving to go to theaters, visit parades, pack together in public events. The Virus is given free rein to spread; we now know people can spread this Virus before they show symptoms, so the larger cities with more people packed together have a pandemic taking root, yet no one yet is aware.

What is impressive, I don’t hear any liberals, like this professor, screaming that this was caused by what de Blasio, Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, and others did when they were out saying the nation was safe, instead, they blame Trump who had by this time enacted the travel ban, was already warning Americans to social distance. There seems to be a disconnect between people like the professor and other liberals and truth.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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