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New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Blame Biden’s Policies For Inflation

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Blame Biden’s Policies For Inflation

With inflation climbing to dangerous highs, Democrats and the media have put an all-out assault on trying to blame anyone, everyone but themselves, for the inflation we are experiencing today.

The reason is simple; if you take a moment to look at the current state of our economy, you quickly find the reason inflation is running out of control is due to the inept handling of our economy by this administration.

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But there is a light at the end of this tunnel; it turns out most Americans aren’t stupid enough to fall for this switch and bait scam we are being fed.

According to Rasmussen, their newest poll shows that most people know who is to blame; most of us are pointing our finger at the man in the oval office.

John Nolte writes at Breitbart News:

Nolte: Gaslight Fail as 64% Blame Biden’s Policies for Inflation

According to the latest polling from Rasmussen, the absurd and desperate ploy to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for America’s exploding inflation has resulted in a whopping 64 percent of likely voters blaming the policies of His Fraudulency Joe Biden.

When asked, “Have the policies of President Joe Biden’s administration increased inflation or reduced inflation?” Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, said “increased,” while only eight percent said “decreased” — which makes you wonder who those people are.

Even a plurality of Democrats aren’t falling for the Putin ploy. A full 42 percent of Democrats said Biden’s policies increased inflation. The same is true for independents (64 percent) and Republicans (87 percent).

Black voters have also avoided the gaslight, with a plurality of 50 percent saying Biden’s policies increased inflation.

Rasmussen also asked, “How important will the issue of inflation be in this year’s congressional elections?” More than two-thirds, 67 percent, said it will be “very important,” while another 20 percent said “somewhat important.”

Only ten percent said “not very” (nine percent) or “not at all” (one percent) important.

A majority of black voters (56 percent) said “very important, as did 53 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of independents.

Seeing the numbers, Biden’s team is in full panic mode, they know they have to do something, or they’re already near record lack of approval will fall even more.

What amazes me is how 5.7% of Americans still think that there is no issue with inflation, most likely the middle class bidden voters, the families that make over $200,000 a year who still stubbornly think Biden is doing a great job, meanwhile, the rest of the 94% are struggling with higher gas prices, less food due to rapidly rising prices, thus putting families already hurting from Covid shutdowns are not being assaulted from another quarter.

This administration will continue to do what the Obama one did, blaming everyone else but themselves. If the lack of approval can’t be blamed on racism, and it has been tried, then it will be blamed on white supremacy, ignorance, or better yet, these people are Trump supporters.

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Meanwhile, we will continue to suffer because of the ineptness at the top. Meanwhile, people who hate this nation, our fellow Americans, will not admit this until they finally start seeing their bottom line suffer.

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