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New York Assaults Privacy And Rights Of Gun Ownership

New York Assaults Privacy And Rights Of Gun Ownership

New York, along with California is seen as the stalwarts that lead the liberal world in their ideal of a utopia of liberal thought. The state has been ratcheting up bill after bill against gun owners, stripping them of privacy and pushing gun ownership into something only the wealthy will be able to afford. We need to ask ourselves, is this what our founding father wanted?

We see that liberal thought is that they want our guns to be taken away as a right, but with the way the Supreme Court is currently, they have no chance of taking guns and having the court uphold such a bill, so they are doing a go-around, infringe on your rights in such a way so as to make ownership undesirable, or pricing up owning guns to the point that an average owner can’t, or will not be willing to pay out the money for insurance every year for owning one.

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The first move New York has made in their current moves to strip guns was to first force gun owners to have a smaller and smaller size of the cartridge, their excuse, you don’t need more than three or four bullets to hunt, anything larger is excessive. This law in New York municipality has passed that makes it illegal to own any magazine that can load more than five rounds, the state then went ahead and passed a law that any magazine that holds eight rounds or more rounds is illegal, thankfully the US Supreme Court, in the same way, they struck down the federal ban on such a law, did the same to the state law.

Their next move came in 2013 Felix Ortiz tried to get a law passed that would force all gun owners to not only carry liability for one million if they possessed a gun but would also make them liable for any damage done with the weapon if it was ever stolen, thankfully this did not stand up to scrutiny by the courts.

Not content there, the liberals then moved to pass bills S7133A and A8976B, these would give the right for or will enact “extreme risk protection orders” in New York. Sponsors claim that the new law will help prevent gun violence before a tragedy occurs by empowering family members, household members, police officers and district attorneys to request court orders preventing someone from possessing or purchasing guns if a judge finds they are likely to harm themselves or others.

But this is not enough for the governor of New York, he has proposed that they add on educators — teachers, school administrators — and other school personnel to the list of those eligible to seek the orders. All the petitioner has to do is make the claim that a particular individual is likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to himself, herself or others.

That sounds reasonable. But, is it?

Moving further, New York at the beginning of this year has forced all handgun owners to register their guns to a public database, this will thereby make the public aware of who has guns and who doesn’t. New York claims this is a secure database, but we have already seen in the past where social warriors get hold of these databases and publish them on public sites, thus violating one’s right to privacy.

But the left is not content here, they also have a bill now that wants to force all gun owners to open their social media accounts to state authorities, if you have a social media account you will be required under this bill to pass over your passwords to the police or face losing your right to possess a weapon. This bill was drafted by state senator Kevin Parker and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

In this clip you see the sponsor of the bill excuse away your right to privacy, in his opinion, you give up that right if you are going to own guns, the safety of the people in his opinion outways your right to privacy, this will never pass muster if it gets to the Supreme Court, but will while it is winding its way through the courts, being upheld by the liberal appeals courts, will infringe on the rights of the gun owners, then when it is struck the liberals will have by then moved on to another bill to start the whole process over again. Death by a thousand cuts is what they are doing to kill off our right to own firearms.

The question with this is who decides? If you have a liberal activist police force, government, which we see much of now, are they going to say that anyone that does not agree with their thinking can’t be trusted with a gun? We have seen the left’s reaction towards us that voted for Trump, are they going to say if you voted for a politician they don’t approve of, you could be put on the list and blackballed from being able to own any guns.

What’s next, if you are a person of faith, you can’t either, what if you adhere to a specific faith, or have a conservative viewpoint, will that be enough for them to bar you from your right to possess a firearm? Maybe if you say the right of citizens to overthrow a tyrannical government, exactly what our founding fathers did, that would make you not able to own a gun, one has to wonder, how would the liberals view our founding fathers if they were alive today? I think Washington, Adams, Franklin, and Jefferson would be seen as radicals, they are already being demonized by the left, who claim because of their flaws the constitution is seriously flawed as well.

And what is the viewpoint of gun owners on this?

“We’ve obviously seen some of the mass shooters have a social media history that should have sent red flags,” said Paul McQuillen, director of the Buffalo chapter of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. “There should be more restrictions on how guns are purchased. We should have more background checks.”

Gun rights attorney James Tresmond, disagreed, arguing that such a law would violate some of the most basic freedoms afforded to Americans in the Bill of Rights and beyond.

The first, the second amendment, the fifth amendment, the fourth amendment, and the 14th amendment” would be violated, he argued, according to the Washington Times. Those amendments deal with issues of speech, the government’s authority to search citizens, the right to bear arms and self-incrimination.

One sees a continuing attack by the left on our rights, rights granted to every American under the constitution, a right that should never be infringed on. We have allowed the government to slowly infringe on these rights until much of these rights are now just a shell of what they once were.

Rights to bear arms, free speech, these are all under assault by the left, they feel the needs of the many outweigh any rights you are I are given, the courts have fought to uphold these rights, but the left during their times of control have done all they can do to put activist judges that are more in line with their thinking, could care less about what the constitution holds as law.

As victories mount for the left, the tendency of the right to say nothing, allowing such things to go forth, they become emboldened, pursue stripping more and more rights from us, sooner or later we are going to have to stand up and say, “Enough!” Or we will wake up one day and find all that we have held dear has been stripped away small piece by small piece until the whole is cut away and carted off.

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We saw this with fascism in the 1920s, the Fascist did not take away the rights of the people in one great power grab, they took them away piece by piece, slowly over time they took more and more until the rights were gone. The Socialist or Democrats want to blame every one of being a fascist, but they are the ones following the path of Hitler and Mussolini, they are the ones that feel the state has the right to control all in our life, exactly as the fascist did.

I went over this in an article on how the left has changed their connections to the fascist, but what they have never done is change their stripes, they still are the same party that admired Hitler and company, found their ideals of state control of everything was great, had people visit Germany and speak in glowing words about them, also supported the move by Germany to crush any opposition, then WW2 happened, suddenly history had to be rewritten, sadly we are now seeing that when we ignore are don’t learn history, it is doomed to repeat itself.

There are two opposing views fighting for control of this great nation of ours. One side believes the need of the state, the pursuit of a political ideology trumps any right we have, the other side believes that our rights are a sacred thing, as stated by the founding fathers, they were divinely given to us, we have no right to infringe on them in any way. The question is, what side will win out, and what side are you on?

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